It is a rare occasion indeed when the entire extended ZFamily is present in one place at one time. And it would be a rarer occasion still were it not for the irresistible gravitational pull of Vegas during the holidays! ZDaddMD loves the lights and hates the food, and ZMomm—a psychiatrist—indulges in her usual compulsive gambling and sightly more compulsive commentary on ZDadd and his foibles.

Throw in a ZPupp for good measure and you’ve got a Christmas powder keg waiting to blow.

Dedicated to families everywhere. Oh, and to French restaurants. Mercy buckets y’all!


  • Gary Levin

    Wonderful holiday chuckles…llllllllllllll your Dad has it right ! Your Mom tells him the truth and what to do….and he always says ‘Yes” no matter if he thinkgs she is ‘wacko’ (which she is not)/ It’s an inborn male gene.(on the Y chromosome. On the other hand women have 2 Xs…That is why they change their minds so often….I call it X competition…..