Part Deuce. Tip your waitress, people. I’m here all week.

If you thought the first half of my stand-up comedy routine for Mel Herbert’s Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2011 was lame and offensive…well, you really haven’t seen nothin’ yet. Part 2 contains ZDaddMD, medical Speak n Spell, Outsourcing, and the Empathy Robot 2000. Hey, to me, the year 2000 will ALWAYS be the future. And speaking of, make sure to sign up for Essentials of EM 2012 in LAS VEGAS BABY! I’ll be there…either speaking, or panhandling. Or both.

Part Uno, for y’all who missed it.

6 Responses to “ZDoggMD Live at Essentials 2011 (Part 2)”

  1. VinceD

    Awesome job! I’m so glad you shared this; now we’re just waiting for video from your performance at that surgery conference..

    • ZDoggMD

      Oh man…why’d you have to bring that up? Grainy footage + a hostile audience = absolutely need to post it STAT!

      • JDiddy

        STAT…with a dose of Ketofol STAT….rofl…

  2. AlanY

    Great job ZDogg, I wish all the DOCs and nurses in our combat support hospital are funny as you!!

    • ZDoggMD

      Hey, mad love for your service to our country and thanks for the props!


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