It’s not a job, it’s not a career…it’s a calling.

Filmed on location at UMC Hospital and in the desert near Las Vegas.

Would you? Let us know in the comments.


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15 Responses to “Would You?”

  1. Julie Turner

    Absolutely!! 31 years in and it has been a calling I couldn’t ignore. I’m blessed because of it! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Shannon Olfers

    If I could go back in time to my 18-year old self, I would tell her to ignore the critics and go into nursing. I came into it as a second career after 20 years in research and I love it more every day. It is my true calling!! I only regret not doing it earlier! ♥️

  3. anon

    48 years as an RN, not retired yet!! Definitely would do it again!!

  4. Mike Powell

    Absolutely!!! 35 years and was medically retired. It is a calling and not just a job. The wife of Mike

  5. Debbie Sutcliffe

    YES, now that I have found Direct Primary Care!

  6. Claudia Tomcik

    Absolutely I would! 12 years strong ED RN here. It is a thankless job, but it is my calling!

  7. Lisa Lyn

    Wouldn’t change a thing .love being a Neuro Trauma nurse. We have a great team on my unit. Been a nurse for 22yrs. Nursing is such a rewarding job.

  8. Michael Liptak

    Yes, I would 🙂 4 months MD at Pediatric anesthesia and pediatric intensive care unit 🙂 Dear colleagues, I’m so humbled by your work attitude after so many years in medicine!

  9. Tammy Powers Jollie

    I’m a heartbeat! It certainly is a calling. When my sister was in nursing school I swore I’d NEVER be a nurse. I fell into healthcare by settling for a part time job as a PCA while in college for Accounting. The rest is history. #BSN,RN #Telemetry #Cardio #CriticalCare

  10. Gardenbie

    26 years a doctor and still feel privileged to get to do this job.

  11. Jennifer Weinberg

    Yes! A thousand times yes. It’s what I do. I’m an ED and critical care physician. I take care of the sickest adult patients. And I’d do everything again.

  12. Missy Riley

    Absolutely!!!! Been a nurse 25 years and even as messed up as health care is now, could not imagine doing anything else

  13. Jean Laumeyer

    Yes … clearly we all have ups and downs balancing work and life but I never had to wonder if it was important or if I was appreciated or if I could make someone’s life better.
    30 years Internal medicine 20 years nocturnal Hospitalist with ICU 15 years doing some palliative care 5 or 6 years covering some hospice. I seen a lot I’ve cared a lot and I’ve cried a lot.

  14. Paul Cunningham RN, MS

    I officially retired and went back into it again part time. It is something you just don’t do for the money.

  15. B Wells

    Yes! And my children are following in my footsteps . That God for DPC!


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