ZDoggMD Industries Press Release, April 1st 2012

Celine Dion. Seigfried & Roy. Wayne Newton.

What do these luminaries have in common? They have all been mauled by pet tigers, you must be thinking. Likely true. But they have also each found a purpose and a calling in the lights and 0% humidity of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Western Desert lives and breathes, in 45 degrees.

-Midnight Oil

Apparently Australian deserts are really cold. [This just in…those wacky Aussies use CELSIUS! WTF??]

So a funny thing happened last Fall. Longtime associate of ZDoggMD Industries and all-around swell guy Tony Hsieh dropped by ZDogg Manor with a shocking proposal. He was moving his company, Zappos.com, from suburban Henderson to the very heart of “old” Downtown Las Vegas. This is NOT the “Strip,” folks. This was the original heart of Las Vegas…Sinatra, the El Cortez, Bugsy et. al. In recent times it had fallen into a decay sadly typical of many urban downtown areas. But Tony and the folks at Zappos saw something there: a potential not just to expand their company but to create and revitalize an entire community—and in the process, provide a model for both urban and corporate development. The seeds of revitalization were already there, having been planted by a dedicated core of local Downtown-o-philes.

So Tony took a lot of the proceeds from the sale of Zappos to Amazon.com and started a new venture—Downtown Project—in an effort to invest in technology, housing, the arts, food, education, and most importantly people, to help jump start the revitalization of Downtown. The anticipated move of 2000 kooky Zappos employees to Downtown in the next couple years would instantly throw highly-enriched uranium into the reactor. These are young, energetic folks who are personally invested in building a downtown where they want to live, work, and play.

Now as we all know, a crucial part of any successful community is high quality healthcare, and it just so happened that Tony knew this one doctor who made infotaining videos and liked to wear hats purchased at the Salvation Army.

And so the Indecent Proposal went like this: take an extended (and perhaps permanent) leave of absence from my hospitalist gig of 9 years (practicing at Stanford Hospital). Have Mrs. Dr. Dogg do the same. Move the entire family to a hi-rise condo in Downtown Vegas. Do the following:

  • Utilize a TV studio being built specifically for Downtown Project to produce the consistent, high quality medical infotainment ZDoggMD Industries has long strived to do.
  • Work with local community health leaders to try and develop a fresh approach to delivering healthcare Downtown in what is a very challenging, fragmented healthcare environment.
  • Continue to do shifts either locally or at Stanford as a hospitalist, because I’m a doctor, dammit, and that’s what I do.
  • Get a pet tiger. Prepare to be mauled.

No way this was ever gonna happen. There were a million reasons to say no.

But then I went to Downtown and saw what was going on. I was sold. Then I brought Mrs. Dr. Dogg and the ZPupps. Against all expectations, THEY were sold (apparently ZPupp CLEANED HOUSE on craps).

And so I type this from a hi-rise condo with a view of desert mountains, glitzy casinos, and the tabla rasa that is Downtown Las Vegas. Stay tuned, homies.

Always bet on brown.

ZDoggMD, Standby Passenger 57








13 Responses to “Vegas, Baby!”

  1. Janet Graves

    That is the worst news I’ve heard…..leaving best friend behind. sniff sniff

    • ZDoggMD

      I know, I know, it is sad. But the Costco in the Vegas suburbs makes it all worthwhile. It is EPIC!

  2. lorrie

    ZDogg, my man, I am hysterical and in need of animal tranquilizers, y’know like the ones you will soon be giving your pet tiger. NOBODY will ever replace Dr. Harry in my heart. Can’t this Zappo dude carve out enough money for a private jet to bring Dr. Harry in for the videos? \n\nDr. Harry we love you!!! You could have at least given him a silver-plated engraved toothbrush. I mean if you’re gonna be a tycoon you need to learn to reward your loyal homies.\n\nSeriously congratulations!! I am so excited for the whole ZDogg family!!! Is Mrs. Dr. ZDogg going to continue in academia or work for the hospital or go into private practice or whatever?

    • ZDoggMD

      Somewhere in his palace made of ice, a single tear of appreciation is trickling down Dr. Harry’s care-weathered visage. Thanks for spreading the love Lorrie!\n\nDr. Harry was offered the chance to move to Vegas as well, but he didn’t want to abandon his extended family and patients in the Bay Area. I didn’t have extended family or chronic patients (being a hospitalist and also being raised by wolves) and so was less rooted. Plus, he muttered something about the dry air leathering up his beautiful skin.\n\nWe do plan to fly him out for videos though, so prepare for a naked Dr. Harry jumpin’ out the trunk of a car in the desert wielding stethoscope nun-chuks, Hangover style!\n\nMrs. Dr. Dogg left her academic post to try her luck in Vegas doing teleradiology from home for a while. This would allow for more time with the ZPupps, who will be attending stripper school starting in the fall…er, I mean pre-K.\n\nAnyways, thanks Lorrie and stay tuned. Dr. Harry ain’t off the hook yet.

  3. CNP76

    Nooooooooooo! Seriously there is no replacing Dr Harry (unless you really want a NP, haha, jk, no really). We will miss you Dr Harry. \n\nGood luck with Vegas ZDogg. Remember to tip your stripper!

    • ZDoggMD

      Dr. Harry was my stripper! What?\n\nDon’t fret, we’ll have more of Dr. Harry. Once he sees Dr. Henry in action he won’t be able to restrain his righteous comedic indignation.

  4. VinceD

    Congrats!!! Can’t wait to see where this goes…

  5. medaholic

    Congrats?! hope this was just an April Fool’s joke, if not best wishes to future endeavors!

  6. lorrie

    Okay, I get it….But just remember the legendary comedic team of Martin and Lewis (ask yo’ mama & papa because you were a prenate) and how their careers both PLUMMETED after they separated. Well, actually they both went on to stratospheric success. Um, okay, bad example.\n\nA few suggestions:\n\n1. Mrs. Dr. ZDogg sounds like she has the perfect career for a brilliant young person who isn’t into patient interaction and wants to spend time with the ZPupps who will soon be ZHotties, so remember to remind their dates in 15 years that there is still plenty of good desert available to burying bodies.\n\n2. I went TO academia from law when the pups were pups, which allowed me lots of time at home teaching internet classes, and it was great. Cut office hours down from 80 to 30 a week. \n\n3. I really like your hair. I’ve been begging DH to shave it all off for years. He was one of 6 boys who all were given a stellar genetic heritage-high blood pressure from dad, and male pattern baldness from mom. 2 of the 6 boys have already shaved down. Our daughters are 11 and 13 and tease him mercilessly about his grey hair and I pointed out that he could spend less time putting a bit of red back into his hair via Miss Clairol and more time watching sports. Eh, he’s a such a stick in the mud. \n\n4. ZPupp 1 will love preschool. Hint: Go to Walmart and buy a bunch of pink stackable boxes for 1 and purple boxes for 2 or whatever color 1 likes, since 2 is too young to have an opinion. Stick all the artwork and schoolwork in their respective boxes until the day they graduate medical school. Then present them with several boxes of Greatest Hits and 50 flash drives containing all the stuff that didn’t make the cut. They will bring something home every single day and it quickly clutters up your house if you don’t start tossing all the notes, art, etc . (But if they suddenly want to see the dinosaur they drew six months ago, you will have it stored on flash).

    • ZDoggMD

      Now THIS is some good advice! Thanks yo!

      • lorrie

        Wish I had followed it! I have boxes and boxes of stuff now that ZClueless1 is starting high school in the fall (oh it goes so fast-you won’t believe) and ZClueless2 is starting middle school and they are all mixed up. Well, we have the summer to organize. They can’t swim ALL day.

  7. Doc Quixote

    Ha Ha! Harry plays the part so well!

  8. Doc Quixote

    Wait a second…Vegas? Did I miss something? Z? Uh…Z? Hello?