Tha’ ZVlogg

Towards the end of 2015 I decided to undertake a great experiment. I would start a video blog, or vlog (in the parlance of our times). Or ZVlogg (in the parlance of no one’s times). It would be frequent but not too frequent. It would document real aspects of my so-called life juxtaposed with absurdities, random teachings, interviews, ZDoggma and more. And I would shoot/edit/write everything myself. Why? Because I’m broke, son. Also: it would force me to keep it short, and real(ish).

So the above video pane contains a compilation playlist of every episode, automatically updated with the latest, in reverse chronologic order. There will be a playlist icon (usually in the top-left of the video window); click that and a dropdown menu of all the episodes will be at your fingertips for perusal. Conversely, you can surf the ZBlogg to find posts on the individual episodes.

One of my goals here, apart from vainly attempting to by funny and educational, is to give you — Tha’ Z-Pac — a forum where YOUR voice can be heard. Contribute in any or all of the following ways:

  1. In the comments below or on the individual videos, let us know your take on the issues raised. So often in healthcare we feel voiceless. Time to stick it to Tha’ Man. Or if you are Tha’ Man, then stick it to yourself!
  2. In those same comments, make suggestions for stuff you’d like to see on the ZVlogg. Chances are I’ll do it at some point barring catastrophe, jail time, or both.
  3. Gimme feedback on how to make it better.
  4. Got a book, weird item, or picture you want to share? Send it SNAIL MAIL son! I’ll open it in realtime on the ZVlogg in a segment called Hot Mailz. Send submissions (minus anthrax spores) to ZDoggMD LLC Attn: Hot Mailz, 1930 Village Center Circle #3-516, Las Vegas NV 89134.

Thanks for watching, and more importantly, for contributing your voice.

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  • Ashna Ayub

    This going to all the premed students before they make the same mistake. HAHAHAH

  • Save the Innocent



Doc Vader ZDoggMD Nursing Rant

Doc Vader on White Coats vs. Black Suits

Getting “turned” to the Dark Side, with another rant from Doc Vader.

Doc Vader

Doc Vader on Outer Rim Hospital Transfers

Hey, ventricular tachycardia can be a TOTALLY stable rhythm, Doc Vader.

Lord Vader changes his password for his EHR

Doc Vader Changes His EHR Password

When the EHR password change has failed you for the last time…

zdoggmd darth vader parody

Doc Vader Gives Career Advice

Doc Vader gives some friendly Dark Side advice to his daughter Princess Leia.

vader medical marijuana | zdoggmd

Doc Vader on Medical Marijuana

Vader takes the “high” road and explores medical marijuana…

Doc Vader on Working The Holidays

Doc Vader on Working During Christmas

Doc Vader laments the Dark Side of Christmas…

Darth Vader | Rogue One Parody

Doc Vader on Hospital Life

It ain’t easy being Vader.

Doc Vader on Vaccines and Outback Steakhouse

Doc Vader Goes Rogue

When Doc Vader goes off his meds, y’all better back the heck up.

Zubin Damania | The Doctors TV

The Doctor(z)

Wherein I sell out and go on daytime TV…TO PIMP HEALTH 3.0 ON THE DOCTORS, SON!

Doc Vader | Staffing ratio | ZDoggMD

Doc Vader on Nurse Staffing, Chiropractors, and His Indian Dad

Poor nurse staffing is a direct path to the Dark Side.


Alternative medicine | Meditation | Zubin Damania

Hippies (Twenty One Pilots “Heathens” Parody)

Give “p’s” a chance. (p<0.05) A meditation on "alternative" medicine.

Low | Flo Rida Outpatient Parody | ZDoggMD

Low (An Outpatient Clinic Jam)

She had them apple bottom scrubs, crocs with the fur…

Lose Yourself | #unbreakhealthcare | ZDoggMD

Lose Yourself

Time to #unbreakhealthcare.

Treat Yourself | ZDoggMD

Treat Yourself (A Bieber Opioid Ballad)

And if you think you ain’t an addict yet, then baby you should probably treat yourself.

7 Years | Zubin Damania | ZDoggMD

7 Years (A Life In Medicine)

We are standing at a crossroads in healthcare. Behind us lies a long-lost, nostalgia-tinged world of unfettered physician autonomy, sacred doctor-patient relationships, and a laser-like focus on Read More

Healthcare speaker | Medical Keynote | Funny Keynote Speaker

Best Healthcare Speaker, EVER?

Book ZDoggMD, the funniest healthcare speaker / rapper ever! (also the ONLY healthcare speaker / rapper ever)

ZDoggMD | Zubin Damania | Healthcare Speaker | Medical Speaker

Dear Nurses

Dear Nurses, you ARE appreciated! A special tribute, from a doctor to nurses everywhere.

Vaccines | ZVlogg 035 |

I Was Wrong About Vaccines

I totally got it wrong…VACCINES SUCK.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.55.13 AM

Zika (Viral Luka Parody)

A “viral” video.