I’ve decided to start a regular video blog. A Vlog, if you will. If you won’t, we’ll still just call it Tha’ ZVlogg for now. And the viewers shall be called Tha’ Z-Pac. And the lawyers from Pfizer who will object to me using the term “Z-Pac”, well, I can’t print what we’ll call them.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned because it’s about to get REAL on the regular, yo.

Watch the entire ZVlogg series here!


One Response to “ZVlogg #001 | Tha’ First Episode”

  1. Riann Rachelle Roggiero

    I think you should Z-vlog about the stigma around public health 🙂 I’ve worked med surg (love it) and public health, and people sure have a misunderstanding of us! 😉 love your work ZDogg MD!