Tax On, Tax Off

Tax Forms

It’s been busy at Casa De ZDogg, folks, and hence the dearth of recent activity on the parody video front. Among other obligations, I’ve been forced to spend some quality time with TurboTax the past few days, and it hasn’t been pretty. In addition to charging me “income” tax this year, the government has decided to tack on an “outcome” tax as well. Luckily since my outcomes are so poor in general, I’m getting a refund on that front.\n\nI believe it was Mr. Miyagi who said, “Tax on, tax off” as he forced the Karate Kid to calculate his Alternative Minimum Tax using only an abacus and a rancid jar of Tiger Balm. Having no Daniel-san, and no accountant for that matter, it was DIY all the way for me.\n\nSee y’all when I get out of jail, homies!\n\n

PathoPhizz Scrubs

Never has botulism looked so trippy! And never have I looked more like Ghaddafi...

\n\n \n\nAnd speaking of paying one’s debts, a groovy little outfit run by a couple of kick-a** nurses out of a remote desert research facility has allowed me to do what is likely my first (and at this rate, my last) celebrity endorsement. PathoPhizz makes psychedelic scrubs decorated in one of several nasty pathogenic organisms. Being fans of ZDoggery, they generously provided me with the Clostridium botulinum model, depicted in vivo here. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!\n\n \n\nAnd while we’re on the subject of generosity, I must again give mad props to one Mike Cadogan, aka @Sandnsurf, of He has once again helped me to radically redesign to be cleaner, faster, and easier to navigate than before. The Aussie Crocodile O.G. strikes again, mates! Now here is an ER doctor, rock concert MD (his random pics with legendary musicians routinely provoke unbridled jealousy), health IT guru, and current team doctor for the Western Force pro rugby team. Did I mention he’s got a beautiful family as well? Somehow he manages to find the time to help a sucker MC like me with my website.\n\nIf the US government charged him an “outcome” tax, we’d surely be able to pay off our national debt, that’s how much mad outcome he produces.\n\nLet us know what you think of the new site, constructive feedback is encouraged. We’re currently working on some new video projects, so prepare yourselves. In the meantime, here are some AWFUL video recordings of random late-night Skype conversations I had with Doc Quixote. Neither particularly funny nor informative, they offer a glimpse into just what massive dorks we really are.\n\nIf you like our new look (or even if you don’t), make sure to subscribe to the ZBlogg, fan us on Facebook, and sign-up for our YouTube stream!\n\n\n\n

  • kyra

    Well your selling out and promoting products has worked, I’m going to go check out those pathogen scrubs for my nursing friends. But if you start pushing Cash4Gold or underground apocalypse bunkers like Glen Beck, I’m gonna have to draw the line…

    • I prefer to think of it as “selling in” rather than “selling out.” Not sure what the difference is, but I kinda like the idea of being called a filthy sell-in. BTW, I would never push Cash4Gold. I’m much more keen on Credit4Molybdenum.

  • TMomMD

    Hey Z, just wanted to send you props from my 2 year old son, who wakes up almost every morning whining to watch “the Z videos.” We love you, we just want to request a separate G rated website — in your free time, of course. Congratulations on the award! TMomMD (UCSF Fresno peds hospitalist — and thanks to mild-mannered Dr. Harry for the immunization campaign!) 🙂

    • Yo, T-Mom, that is about the nicest feedback we’ve ever gotten and it means a lot to us. Honestly, I would do an all children’s show any day over all this PG-13 nonsense, but the judge’s restraining order is quite explicit on this subject. My ankle bracelet shocks me if I even type “child” —OWWW!\n\nBTW, my folks live in Clovis and are both docs out there. Dr. Harry and I both did our away surgical rotation at the UCSF/Fresno program, and that’s where we fell in man love. So keep representin’ sister!

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  • jedeyeMD

    Man I was about to change over to being a hospitalist until I realized that you guys don’t make enough money to afford accountants. I guess I’ll stick with outpatient medicine. TurboTax dogg? Don’t you need like a Commadore 64 to run that program????\n The scrubs are beyond professional in a good way. I instituted “scrub Fridays” at my office not just because I like wearing pajamas to work but ALSO because, as all surgeons know, regular clothes are just fomites for deadly pathogens. As I tell my students, “if you plan to get near any of my patients, please take off your ties and other formal attire, and change into some scrubs immediately.”\n Since you asked, my only critical feedback is that under the “BLOG” tab there should be a tab called “MOST RECENT” to take you to the latest blog entry (which is where most new fans will instinctively want to go). It actually took 3 or 4 clicks to find the most recent entry which is enough to lose most of the ADHD generation. But even as I write this I am amazed how polished and addictive the site already is. As with the videos I feel it’s a gospel that must be spread. congrats you make the Yay Area proud from SJ to hillside V-town! Jed

    • Jedeye, represent! Thanks for the feedback homie. Accountants are for studio gangstas! Real G’s do it they-self. Very understandable to want a most recent tab under BLOG, I will ask the Crocodile O.G. about it (it’s not a plug and play template, so it requires some fiddling). There is a nav bar on the right of the page that says “Get served the latest” which has all the most recent stuff but I agree with your suggestion. Thanks for watchin’ my back, G!


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