Doc Vader on Vaccines and Outback Steakhouse

Doc Vader Goes Rogue

When Doc Vader goes off his meds, y’all better back the heck up.

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To Parents Worried About Vaccines

A sincere message from a doc to parents who are on the fence about vaccinating.

Vaccines | ZVlogg 035 |

I Was Wrong About Vaccines

I totally got it wrong…VACCINES SUCK.

Dr. House of Cards | ZDoggMD

Dr. House of Cards, Episode 2

Dr. Underwood locks horns with an anti-vaccine mom. Luckily, his horns are bigger.

Pooh Poohing Honey

Allergies, Autism, and Honey: A Sticky Subject

An analysis of a controversial medical topic that has absolutely no parallel to the vaccine/autism hullabaloo.

Quixote Vaccinates


It’s a misunderstanding worthy of a Three’s Company episode — except the role of Mr. Furley is played by the bumbling Doc Quixote, general surgeon and google vaccine scholar.

Immunize Chuck Norris!


Get your shots on! A musical anthem guaranteed to start a beef with the forces of vaccine denial. Hey Wakefield, watch your back…the ImmuNinja’s coming!