Doc Vader | Anti-vaccine | ZDoggMD

Doc Vader On Anti-Vaxxers


Dr. House of Cards | ZDoggMD

Dr. House of Cards, Episode 2

Dr. Underwood locks horns with an anti-vaccine mom. Luckily, his horns are bigger.


ZDoggMD on MSNBC Live!

ZDoggMD meets the press!

Quixote Vaccinates


It’s a misunderstanding worthy of a Three’s Company episode — except the role of Mr. Furley is played by the bumbling Doc Quixote, general surgeon and google vaccine scholar.

Immunize Chuck Norris!


Get your shots on! A musical anthem guaranteed to start a beef with the forces of vaccine denial. Hey Wakefield, watch your back…the ImmuNinja’s coming!

Paulina Polio

A Pestilence League of Their Own

It’s round about time we in the medical community recognized the heroic efforts of those who would warn us against the horrible dangers of vaccinations.