ZVlogg 014 | ZDoggMD

ZVlogg #014 | Rounds, EMS, and A Good Day

Wherein we kick it with EMS, round with the team, and DROP SOME DOPE RHYMES.

ZDoggMD | R. Kelly Readmission parody

Readmission (An R. Kelly “Ignition” Parody)

The dopest R&B anthem about hospital readmissions—EVER.

ZDoggMD | Dr. Brian Goldman

Dr. Brian Goldman vs. ZDoggMD!

Emergency medicine vs. hospitalists, Canada vs. the US…what’s it all aboot, eh?

Wait...I thought we were doing Jesus Christ Superstar!

The Confrontation!

In the epic struggle between good and only OK, no one is more misérables than we are. A medical musical for the rest of us!


The Wrath of Dr. Khan | A Star Trek Parody

We boldly probe where no finger has probed before with our Grand Rounds Eighth Anniversary Edition. KHAN!!!!!!

Hard Doc's Life | ZDoggMD

Hard Doc’s Life (Hospitalist Anthem)

Yo, ZDoggMD dropping some mad verse ’bout the struggles of being a hospitalist. Strictly for my homies!