Shock the Vote!

Best New Medical Weblog of 2010!

Revolution in the Arab World. Upheaval in the US healthcare system. J. Lo and Steven Tyler on American Idol.\n\nIn the midst of these tumultuous times we are presented with a pivotal election, and a pivotal choice:\n

Who will be crowned Best New Medical Weblog of 2010 by voters at

\nI can’t think of a more important election in recent memory!\n\nNominated are some truly esteemed and well-written blogs, including Celebrity Diagnosis: Miami Vice Edition and The Future Well (apparently a predictive treatise on groundwater exploitation). But these currently appear to be playing Ralph Nader to the main Bush V. Gore contest – The ZBlogg versus Scepticemia!\n\nNow, as a general rule I avoid politics as I consider it a subject reserved for those who are able to read. But in this case I need to make an exception.\n\nDo you want a thoughtful, well-written blog that addresses important medical/social/philosophical issues that impact not only medical practice but life as a whole?\n\nIf so, you need to vote for Scepticemia.\n\nIf you have trouble reading, let alone pronouncing the word “Scepticemia,” then you need to vote for us.\n\nIt’s a simple choice.\n

Breaking News! Dewey Defeats Truman! And ZDoggMD somehow gets the most votes…thanks to all who voted and much love to Dr. Skeptic! I promise I will be the most successful contest winner since Taylor Hicks! What? Nevermind.\n

  • Doc Quixote

    Just a tip to your fans…some GPS equipped vacuum cleaners have limited wi-fi connectibility and presumably, a separate IP address. Make sure your vacuum votes for ZDoggMD! On a side note, I subpeonaed internet records and my Roomba has been communicating regularly with something called SkyNet. Do you you think I should be alarmed?

    • My vacuum is attracted to other things that suck, and therefore has already voted for Tha’ ZBlogg. Re: the SkyNet connection, I’m pretty sure they’ll send back a Rug Doctor from the future to destroy your wayward Roomba.

  • AssDoc2k

    Me and all my neighbors with unsecured wireless networks voted for the Zblogg!!!! Just kidding – I was all set to go to every Starbucks, Kinko’s, and Apple Store in the area, but looks like you’re in the lead without the extra help. Congrats!

    • Thanks for your support AssDoc! I’m convinced the Pestilence League is conspiring against us…don’t be lulled into false security! The mad genius Dr. Sceptic will stop at nothing to win a year’s subscription to The Placebo Journal!

  • WRT the vote result – I think the time change screwed your opponent as the majority of his network at the time (U.S. of A.) were busy helping customers in the call center when voting closed. I know this because I read it somewhere and can make the hasty generalization with a high level of confidence because of the pain killers.\n\nHow My AC Joint Recovery is going, thanks for asking – I am now wasting away because I was trying to get in good shape. However my next door neighbor who has an unusual amount of information that is almost always correct said his ACL tendon was from either a motorcycle accident or suicide – which if you think about it is really the same thing.\n\nSo if it is a suicide my right arm will be my David McCall (look it up on IMDB homeboy). If it is a motorcycle accident I will end up with short cropped spiked hair frosted on tips, another tight leather single purpose suit, a helmet with my safe word stenciled on the back in case I run into a real biker gang, and an ex-wife, followed by a girlfriend who doesn’t mind my new job is shuttling inner city youtz to upscale burghs like your to sell subscriptions to a dying print industry. But thta may be the Vicodin typing. I am assured a place in lore over Cool as Ice.\n\nI had to show the doc my x-ray on my iPhone because did not have my x-ray in the system because I got the ortho appointment so ‘stat.’ Also I get extra credit for using ‘stat’ as an adverb.\n\nUsing H in lieu of a script – While finishing off my physical decline with some pharma grade skag is tempting, I find the Percoset with a Fat Tire Ale sufficient for me to park in front of the TV Channel and waste a day.

    • Nothing like starting the day with a steaming hot bowl of WTF?!?

    • Doc Quixote

      I’ll have what he’s having!

  • Look all I am saying is I care about Healthcare. That, and I want Dr. ZD-izzle’s life but his yard has a high fence.

  • Ming Jang

    may interns be involved in this de(bate)(bacle)?

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