A Talking (Bald) Head

Move over, Fareed Zakaria and Malcolm Gladwell…there’s a new fancy-pants policy wonk in town! One who gets a whopping 3 awkward minutes to ramble on national TV with MSNBC anchor Richard Lui…LIVE!

Props were given to Turntable Health and disses to Jenny McCarthy, so I believe I can say with fair confidence: mission accomplished.

BTW, if you ever wanna book the Z to come to your ‘hood and lay the smack down, click here!

  • DHill

    Another example of why ZDogg Md should be embraced. I wish we had your clone here in East Tn…Keep up the good work!

    • D.A.D.

      not so. se my post before he deletes the truth about the flu shot.

  • Congratulations on the exposure, Z.\n\n\nI just know you’ve got loads of free time, so how about doing some videos on overweight, obesity, and type 2 diabetes?

    • Already in the works! It’s called Baby Phat, a parody of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face that we started a couple years ago, abandoned, then rerecorded with better gear last week. Stay tuned!

      • D.A.D.

        let’s see you rebut the truth I posted about the big flu shot lie you are telling people.

  • Matthew S Muller

    “ZDoggMD, something I’m probably never gonna say on the air again” wait, what? how about that for a parting gift? whoa, MSNBC talking head guy, not quite so fast (I think the force not so strong in that one)

    • hahaha! Did you see me giggling when he made that crack? It’s funny, the anchorman is Richard Lui, who was a contemporary of mine at UC Berkeley undergrad in the early 90’s. Go Bears!

      • I noticed the parting gift as well. You’ll have to get a follow up interview just to get him to say it again.

  • Ashley Cannon Deringer

    Good stuff! Congratulations on the new gig & the exposure!!

  • Dr. Damania a.k.a. ZDoggMD, thank you for your consistent work in prevention health. Changing public behaviors has to include appeals to the heart, as you mentioned. You offer one of the more compelling models in medicine. After you tackle flu vaccines and obesity (as one commenter noted here), think about colorectal cancer screening. Knowing how you operate, I’m sure it is on your hit list. \n\nBest wishes,\nCarmen

    • D.A.D.

      not true. flu shot is experimental and dangerous. see my posts before he deletes them.

  • emcrit

    feck yeah!!!

  • Elle L.

    Awesome! Although pegging you as a rapper…clearly he missed out on your vast talent with musical theatre (that’s pronounced thi-eh-tar).

  • So how ’bout people are taught to eat, think and move well in lieu of injecting themselves with foreign proteins (flu shots), the unintended consequences likes of which cannot be measured…forecasted…frankenpredicted? YEEEEEikes!! How ’bout flu shots are way ass up on some top, last-ditch effort shelf? But Zdogg, you are The Kind. Thanks for your Stoke.

    • D.A.D.

      flu shot is unsafe, ineffective and unnecessary…

  • Ashley

    Would love to have your healthcare here in Illinois! Maybe when I finish my NP I’ll move to Vegas!

    • Aww yeah! Let a brutha know.

  • D.A.D.

    vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. Jenny McCarthy would tear you a new asshole on the facts regarding vaccine failure. You are so obviously looking to get rich.

  • D.A.D.
  • D.A.D.
  • D.A.D.

    when we began to give the experimental flu shot to the under 5 population , the effect was an increase in flu deaths. It’s because the shot is based on last years virus guess, assaults the immune system with mercury among other toxins, and of course there is this years actual flu strain.\nThis unwanted affect has already been seen in the over 65 population.\nMy father just got the A flu. tested and confirmed. But he was fine. While healthy young people are dying of the A flu after getting the flu shot.

  • D.A.D.

    I dare you to not delete my comments.

    • Now why on earth would I do that? You do a perfect job of proving my point about the anti-vaccine crowd. Keep posting!

      • D.A.D.

        Exactly how is that even a comeback? Seriously, don’t be a coward. Tell me what I said that is incorrect.

  • D.A.D.

    Tell us about the misleading way that the CDC sells flu shots…How is there time to test for safety? Isn’t it actually experimental? My girl got a flu shot and stopped speaking, lost motor skills, lost joint attention, and was put into an autism program at age three. Thanks to admissions by CDC whistleblower Bill Thompson we know what you are up to. You are the worst kind of greed, as you sell what harms children.

  • D.A.D.

    Funny, you have nothing to say regarding your “safe and effective” flu shot.\nhttp://healthimpactnews.com/2014/guillain-barre-syndrome-is-1-side-effect-of-vaccine-injury-compensations-due-to-flu-shots/