Jimmy Closser is a nurse, and a really good one.

He’s worked in critical care and emergency, as well as having been a firefighter and EMT. He’s seen it all. But none of that prepared him for what was going to happen that day in the ER.

Or for the aftermath.

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3 Responses to “Jimmy’s Story”

  1. Epador

    40 years ago I moonlighted the same ER I covered as a resident. Had to wrestle folks brandishing broken IV bottles (yes THAT long ago), dodge gunfire when thugs followed their victim to the hospital and wanted to finish them off, patch up staff mugged in the hospital parking lot. No one ever thought of legal proceedings against the violent patients. Most, however, didn’t fare too well if they had to take a trip in a paddy wagon. I don’t remember any repeat offenders. This was also when there were large State mental hospitals separating the most dangerous from the rest of society.

    Senior staff trained the newbies in SA (situational awareness), self preservation and the art of choosing to run or stand your ground that today would be considered politically incorrect.

    Some things have not changed, but other things have changed. Neither in a good way.

  2. Dawn Butterfield

    I got smacked on the head – which knocked me to the floor by a patient who I was (volunteer btw) her Guardian Advocate at a psyche hospital….. I never thought of myself, even though had a huge headache. This needs to change.


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