It Was A Good Call Day

The Black Cloud. We all know one. Many of us ARE one. That most pitiable of healthcare workers, upon whom unspeakable horrors rain every time they so much as step foot on the unit.

But what if — just hear me out now — what IF that same Black Cloud found themselves suddenly in that rarest of contrary circumstances. Circumstances wherein the very fabric of spacetime and quantum probability collide with the illusory strands of human free will to produce a phenomenon so ephemeral that scientists have built entire careers hunting for it in terawatt particle collisions deep in the heart of helium-cooled supercolliders in European countries with unpronounceable prime ministers.

That’s right, folks. I’m talking about A Good Call Day.

What would happen if everything in healthcare JUST WENT RIGHT for once. Teams working together, helping each other. Patients take accountability in partnership with their medical team. Gratitude flowing like a chocolate fondue fountain at a mid-priced Vegas buffet.

A silent pager.

This video is an exploration of the impossible. Along with some serious gangsta s**t to boot.

Thanks to the boys from Journal Club App for taking part and helping us make a dope video. Check out the app, it summarizes the biggest clinical trials in medicine…so you don’t have to. It has made me look smart on more than one occasion. And THAT, like pimpin’, ain’t easy.

Folks from around the country joined us for this one, not just for the video shoot but to pitch in lyric ideals as well. All of us healthcare peeps working together for a cause? THAT’S a Good Day, son.


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Lyrics by ZDoggMD and Dr. Harry.

Audio engineering by Devin Moore.

Video production by Variables of Light.

Parody of It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube.

Director: Tom Hinueber
DP: Logan Stewart


Naseem Benjelloun
Christine Estrada MD (JCHAO) and her daughter
Kim Peterson, RT
Kelly Straight, RN
An Saucedo, RN
Hide Shigemitsu, MD
Allison Andersen, NP
Waqas Khan MD of Healthcare Not Fair fame.
David Iberri, MD (in spirit)
Romsai Tony Boonyasai, MD
Tim Plante, MD
Emily Coderre
Manny Lam MD
John “McGonadawg”
Andrea “McGonadawg”
Adam Kassel
Ethan O’Donnell
Simon Lim

Michael Alexis and son

Lyric Submissions from Facebook:

Carol Hannibal “No OD’s, nobody in DT’s, everybody rated their pain in the 3’s”

Crystal Heishman Thorp “No naked drunks in the ER twerkin: had to check my pager still working?”

Sally Campbell Lee “I had to check my pager to see if it was still working–something has to rhyme with that”

Daniel Ouyang “Cause my foley runs deep. So deep. So deep, put his prostate to sleep.”

Just walking up to the unit gotta take call\r\n\r\nI don’t know but today seems kinda off\r\n\r\nNo bleeding from the butt, no scut\r\n\r\nAnd nurses threw a potluck with donuts\r\n\r\nI got my notes done, but couldn’t log out\r\n\r\nTech support showed up and actually helped a Dogg out\r\n\r\nNo pages for Colace coming from the flo’\r\n\r\nAnd Ortho took a patient on ECMO!\r\n\r\nI caughta nap cause I got me the dope spot\r\n\r\nAnd if I hit the switch, I can make the phone stop\r\n\r\nHad to drop by tha’ med rounds\r\n\r\nSniffing in the air and not a single code brown\r\n\r\nNo c. diff on the gown\r\n\r\nAnd all my patients agree that Dr. Oz is a clown\r\n\r\nRolled down ta ED and I’m askin’ yall\r\n\r\nWhich fools are y’all tryin’ ta pass along?\r\n\r\nBut no naked drunks twerkin’, had to check my pager twice just to see if it’s workin’\r\n\r\nThere was no ODs, no DTs, and everybody rates they pain in the 3’s\r\n\r\nEMR went down nurse taking verbals, and no KUB showed a gerbil\r\n\r\nPlus all cultures came back pan sensitive to Pen VK, today was a good day\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nPaged pharmacy with the query\r\n\r\nObscure med, still said it’s formulary\r\n\r\nCause just yesterday JCAHO tried to blast me\r\n\r\nSaw the bounceback, but he rolled right past me\r\n\r\nKeflexin’, wound clean and dry to a brother’s inspection, margins clear on frozen section\r\n\r\nHit employee health, and though I’m sprayed daily by TB\r\n\r\nStill a neg PPD!\r\n\r\nSend ‘em out, send em’ out, social work mission\r\n\r\nTeaming with the PT and OT on disposition\r\n\r\nOf bed 7, and bed 11, bed 27, case manager’s straight on a role\r\n\r\nI picked up the cath flow\r\n\r\nHit the team room, cause I’m smellin’ Dominos\r\n\r\nPlus that patient talkin’ smack at my nurses just left AMA\r\n\r\nToday was a good day\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nBillin’ tryin’ to get paid\r\n\r\nWon’t stress the codes cause ICD-10’s delayed\r\n\r\nIt’s ironic, nobody’s illnesses are chronic\r\n\r\nThe lasix pee is supersonic\r\n\r\nI felt on the big fat foley\r\n\r\nBag full o’ gold pee, urine clear as Stoli\r\n\r\nCause my foley runs deep, so deep,\r\n\r\nRT had to crank the PEEP\r\n\r\nTalked a psych patient off the ledge\r\n\r\nRadiology actually gave an answer with no hedge\r\n\r\nEven saw the likes of some intern wimps\r\n\r\nAnd they said, “ZDogg can PIMP.”\r\n\r\nChemo’s goin’, but no throwin’ up\r\n\r\nHalf way home, and my pager ain’t blowin’ up\r\nToday I didn’t even have to use my PA\r\n\r\nI gotta say it was a good day.

  • CoolCRNA

    A good day looks like no blinking laryngoscopes blade lights when you’re trying to intubate. No blown IVs in the middle of surgery. No charting police yacking at me about a missed checkbox. And a bag of chik fil a biscuits (still warm) in the lounge. And a patient who says, “This experience was much better than my last one.”

  • Rob Cordes

    Taking call from home keeping them out of the ED over the phone! \nDo NOT give your child 2 aspire and I’ll see them in the morning!

  • Marla C

    A good day? When the ER and attending docs don’t admit the 90 yo leg weakness, that has been admitted 4 times in the last 2 months and they let me get her a SNF placement straight from the ER instead……Better for everyone, especially her- she will be safe, get the help needs and save money!!

  • eternityroad

    A good call day for a urologist: no catheter consults,no priapism,no “is there a urologist available” from the OR…..


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