I can’t believe I had to make a video about not drinking untreated water.

Welcome to our Idiocracy, folks. It’s the Dunning-Kruger effect, in effect.

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6 Responses to “Drinking “Raw” Water? Let’s Party Like It’s 1699”

  1. James Doyle

    You really are a fantastic person, ZDogg, my friend. I admire you greatly. You are a fantastic role model for the moronic youth of our suffering nation.
    I wish YOU were President, not that walking, talking rancid Cheeto.
    Yours eternally, but not in a stalkerish kind of way,
    JimmyJames Doyle

  2. Patty Fishback


    Happy to sign up for emails. Sad, that my category of professional was not important enough to be included in my choices of profession. I’m a registered Dental Hygienist. I’m a health care provider. I teach patients everyday on the oral systemic link. Can you change this please. It’s been a battle to get the medical community on board with backing up the oral systemic link. Changing people’s lives one smile at a time😊
    I appreciate you so much. Have the utmost respect for your opinion. Thanks for sharing and educating the public. Keep the good work.
    Patty Fishback
    [email protected]

  3. Dr. Meenakshi Noll

    well in a way the death from raw water would be Natural ahhah

  4. Katie

    I grew up on a farm outside of Shallowater, Texas, eleven miles from Lubbock. My dad’s an 80 year old retired farmer.

    We drank well water from the ground, (not dipped) it was piped into our house. That well was dug in the 20s. I lived on that for 18 years, and I never got sick. This is water from the Ogalala Aquifer.

    I really doubt my father ever paid to have that water tested, maybe he did. I know he doesn’t now because he’s been nutso since he was about 65 and he’s 80 now.

    However, the natural flouride in that area is so high, I’m 55, and I’ve only had two (2) tiny, tiny cavities.

    We never had a brita filter or a reverse osmosis filter.

    Have you ever heard of Happy, Texas, “The Town Without a Toothache,” with supposedly toxic levels of natural fluoride in their water, but no deaths from it?

    I’m not a medical researcher, but through my 55 years, I know I’ve read news articles, probably not medical ones that claimed that poliomyelitis got more virulent as water became more sanitary. Not because drinking dirty water is good, but we didn’t get challenged by the viruses found in it regularly anymore. Our immunity to it weakened, and then when polio came at us through a different vector, our bodies past responses to it were weaker or gone, immunologically. (Of course, that dirty water was also why it was a miracle when a baby lived to be a teeanger until municipalities started treating water.)

    My late mean paternal grandmother lived to be 95, and she never drank anything but well water from Shallowater, Lubbock, and Littlefield. The strokes got her, because they’re genetic in my family.

    Her grandfather lived to be 106, and the only secret I ever heard about him was that “he was mean.”

    My maternal great grandfather lived to be 99. H was also quite mean. He was a curmudgeon who lived on Capitan Mountain in a desolate cabin until he was 88 or so, until his daughters and sons-in-law fetched him down to Capitan (the town) where he grew monstrously large vegetables, read Josephus with a magnifying lap glass, and took a bath once a month, “whether he needed it or not.” (His words.)

    He also had all of his teeth when he died, and he never used anything but a toothbrush and a rough wash cloth to care for them. (Or so he always said.)

  5. Doris Garritt

    Thank you, since so many “feel” it must be true if it’s on the web, I applaud you for these spot on PSA s

  6. Leslie

    Wow, just wow. I recall learning that untreated drinking water was the cause of death for many in the early 1900’s. And that was in elementary school!!!! Common sense is getting more and more uncommon