The Roseburg VA just can’t seem to stay out of the news.

How does a hospital ranked 134/134 for VA facilities improve their quality scores dramatically in just a few years? If you believe what their doctors are saying, it’s because they’re cherry picking patients against medical advice to artificially game their stats. If you believe their administrators, they’re just providing the level of care their facility is capable of.

Who do YOU believe? Watch and decide.



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2 Responses to “VA Raises Quality Scores! (By Denying Care To Veterans?)”

  1. Heather

    This VA has had these issues for as long as I can remember! I’ve seen it on both sides. Like sitting in the ER waiting room at the VA with my grandfather who had a pulse of 35-40 for over an hour before he was even seen. My Grandfather was a WWII vet who fought at the battle of the bulge and freed the concentration camp, Dachau. It was awful!
    I’ve also seen it when I worked at the “community hospital” in the ER and it would actually be a rarity when the VA would actually accept an ambulance rather than diverting it to us. If we heard the call to the VA we would just start preparing for the Pt because we knew it was headed our way.
    This is a small community and it is a very well known fact here that our veterans are being treated terribly!! It is heartbreaking!! I know several great nurses and dr’s that have worked or currently work for the VA. I know they give all they can! I think it’s important to recognize their sacrifices and hard work despite very difficult circumstances!!
    I know someone who is a manager for a different facility and the way VA patients are treated….. it’s infuriating!! Trust me, it’s bad! It was bad 15 years ago when I started as a nursing student holding my grandpas hand in the VA ER praying he wouldn’t die while waiting for treatment! Some of the stories I had heard even back then seem impossible they are so terrible!! I’m just praying that our veterans finally get the care they deserve and were promised!!

  2. Bill DiLenge

    I am a vet who uses the Roseburg VA. I’ve been told their operating room has been closed for some time (years?) and don’t do surgery. They send me to the Portland VA hospital (an excellent facility) for even minor surgery.