Inside Edition featured an interview with “Dog the Bounty Hunter” wherein he mentioned that if his wife dies of cancer, his doctor will die too, if you catch his drift.

Meanwhile, a nurse is stabbed in her hospital’s parking lot in Newark. What the hell, people. #silentnomore


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17 Responses to “Nurse Stabbed in NJ, Meanwhile Dog The Bounty Hunter Threatens His Wife’s Doc”

  1. Steve Parker, M.D.

    Dog’s wife’s treating physician should give her 30 days to make arrangements to replace him. Walk away and don’t look back. There are plenty of other physicians who can treat her just as well, and it sends a message to various A’holes out there.

  2. shirley l Liotta

    Keep the patient. Barr her husband from your office and hospital visits. Keep in mind he is a big mouth bully. Have no dealing with him. If she can not comply with your demands then fired her as your patient!

  3. Elizabeth McManus

    Barraging Inside Edition with emails, Tweets and FB comments is a good way to go. Dog the Bounty Hunter is an idiot but Inside Edition makes money off him. Telling them that the Zpac (Zpack??) will be looking to boycott their sponsors will give then reason for pause.

  4. Elizabeth McManus

    If this group emails, Tweets and/or leaves FB comments with Inside Edition telling them that we will be looking to boycott their sponsors over their irresponsibility, this will get their attention.

  5. Tristin

    Yes, firing the patient for what the family is threatening can seem misdirected, but we as people working in healthcare need to treat these threats seriously and respond to them seriously because we know we don’t get the support we need to mitigate the danger. #ByeBeth

  6. Alisha Horn

    It’s sad health care providers get assaulted in smaller cities like Sioux City and Sioux Falls a lot but you don’t hear about it as much cause they aren’t huge places but you are right it has to stop!!!!!

  7. Jana Vander Leest (pharmacist)

    Would like to see Bounty Hunter Dog go beyond the apology to speak out against violence against healthcare workers; unequivocally retract what he said, and why it should never be said period.

  8. Melanie Adams

    Don’t punish the pt. Have to let the family member and the pt both know that such statements will.not be tolerated. While yes you are emotional, threatening the caregiver does nothing but add stress to an already stressful situation. If it continues said person will be trepassed away from the MD office the facility etc.. That leaves the responsibility , the choices where they should be.

  9. Roselynn Kingsbury, MSN,FNP

    Both my daughter who is an RN and I have been attacked by patients. I’m an NP. I campaigned to have attacking a nurse a felony (my attacker was already in jail and would have at most received a couple more days). Years ago a disgruntled spouse showed up at the house of a local neurosurgeon and shot him to death. Our pain specialists at the VAMC get death threats. At least the VA has policy to keep staff safer, but if I had been attacked and fought back while there, I would be disciplined.

  10. Chantel Martens

    Part of the problem is we as hcp’s hide the fact we suffer abuse, both physical and emotional while providing care for others! I’ve started photographing the bruises and wounds I get at the hands of my patients and their family members and posting them on my social media feeds. Obviously with no identifying factors other than saying it happened at work. Put the visual wounds in the public eye! Let’s flood social media with the shocking visual reality of abuse suffered by hcp’s while at work. Let’s put #silentnomore to work for us!!!

  11. Carrie Bishop

    Thanks so much for standing up for the healthcare providers, Emergency Department Nurse for 30 plus years I deal with aggression all the time. I am meeting with a senator on Friday to discuss workplace violence in healthcare.

  12. Carla

    Yet another reason to leave healthcare…most of the abuse I get is from co-workers

  13. VZ

    Any way you could start posting transcripts of your videos? I don’t have opportunity to watch videos much, but I do like your content. Would be able to read much more easily.

  14. Catareen

    Treat the patient but remove and possibly ban the family member for possible malicious intent.

  15. Janet

    The douche bag family member actually gets to make a choice. Does he want to continue to attend his wife’s doctor’s appointments or does he want to be trespassed from the facility? He really has all the control. His behavior dictates whether he gets to be involved in his wife’s care. Simple as that. We have zero tolerance in my organization and we’d fire the family member…not the patient. Oh, and maybe a little conversation with the local police.

  16. Joyce DeWitt

    My thoughts on Dog the Bounty Hunter: It’s too bad that his wife has cancer. It’s too bad when anybody has cancer. He has an over the top, typically attention grabbing dramatic response here: “if she dies, you die.” Please. We shouldn’t be surprised, really. I haven’t watched very much of his antics on TV, but it’s easy to see here that he considers his problems, his family, bigger than anyone else’s. He’s personally offended by this development, and he wants to show that by God he is not going to take this! It’s so disrespectful to the millions of cancer patients and their families worldwide. It’s horribly insulting to the doctor, and to health care workers everywhere. He is saying that he “doesn’t mean to threaten,” but then he does. In essences, the message I get from him is that he thinks he cares so much more about his loved one than anyone else on the planet, so much so that he’ll kill her doctor if she doesn’t survive. We all know that baloney, but just to say it is lowdown and classless. It’s immature and irresponsible. I wanted to smack him. That doctor had every right to say, “Go find another doctor.” Dog can’t be called out enough on this. It was a sickening interview, and quite telling. It’s all about him, when you get right down to it. His feelings, his fear, his devastation. Guess what, dude? Life is meant to end. People die. Friends and loved ones, too. It’s not impressive that you try up the ante on how much YOU care for YOUR wife. It’s ignorant and shows how selfish you are.


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