A new JAMA study compared ibuprofen+acetaminophen with opioid pain killers for extremity pain in the ER. Are these findings applicable more broadly?

We dissect the primary paper, old skool.

Also: how “extra” is ZDogg?

Read the study here. And check out the LA Times piece here.

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5 Responses to “You Down With OTC? Aw Yeah, You Know Me”

  1. Helen Thompson

    Ok so I get this study didn’t really tell much we didn’t already know as healthcare workers. In my RN practice I educate my patients that pain meds aren’t made to take away all your pain, they help you tolerate it. So many people have no clue about this. I always start with the low dose first. But we have to remember not all meds work the same in every person. Some people Tylenol doesn’t work and some get high and loopy on 5mg oxy. So that being said. I have chronic pain. I just weaned off my fentanyl patch I had for 12 years and let my oxy run out. I’m only using ibuprofen at the moment. My fentanyltook the edge off my pain so I could function. I could work out. Now my pain is so bad I cry when I work out, if I make it through, I can’t work, got fired, etc. I was never high on my meds. I know there are a lot of liars and drug seeking behavior out there. There is a problem. I don’t know the answer. Maybe wean everyone off the drugs and start over with Tylenol. But I want my patch back or my oxy for breakthrough pain. It works for me at low doses. I think people have been relying on these drugs for too long and they forgot how it feels to live without them.

  2. Jennee Burke

    I get no one has done a study like this before, but is that maybe because it’s an ethical gray area? Double – blind would be hard because you’d have to have the same amount of time to test the effectiveness. It’s like saying “I know you broke your arm, but I need you to take this pill and I’ll check on your pain level in 2 hours.” But if that pill did nothing for the patient’s pain, they would suffer until the 2 hours was up. 2 hours with a broken bone in pain is not fun.

  3. Jeremy Griffith

    I hate Nitzche! What doesn’t kill you most likely will leave you crippled for life!

  4. SheWolf

    MS, spine damage, partial amputee, and now uncontrollable high blood pressure…cut off also 14 mos ago. My latest endoscopy (and kidney), proves otc garbage is dangerous and doesn’t work.
    Just another excuse to continue this medical genocide.
    We DO NOT have a pain med crisis, it’s a HEROIN CRISIS! Why go after established intractable pain patients and their meds when we have years of medical records proving their ignorance?
    As for EX gov Chrustys appointment & current anti-opioid commercials….
    1. His so called “classmate”, was not only NOT a close friend, the “classmate” was an alcoholic mixing illegally gotten Percocets with his booze.
    2. Where was Chrustys “opioid crisis” concerns when his own mother was going through lung cancer? Did he take her meds away?
    Two faced Nazi regime, killing off weak & disabled to save benefits & insurance costs.


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