Some Type A medical folks may burn out because they simply can’t abide idle time and have little capacity to “relax” according to a recent article written by a psychotherapist. And a nursing text on cultural differences in response to pain is pulled after…well, you just gotta check this out cuz it’s cray cray..

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2 Responses to “Better To Burnout Than Fade Away? And Textbook Racism FTW”

  1. Brett

    Brett Whaley, RN, ACNP-BC: What is your opinion on disclosure of psychotherapy/psychiatry in credentialing? You mentioned it briefly. With such a high level of self harm in medical professionals, it is my belief this must change. It encourages professionals not to seek help, or at least to hide it.

    • ZDoggMD

      I agree, stay tuned, we’ll probably do an entire show on this.


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