Dr. Lawrence Gassner, internist X 30 years, joins us to talk about saving his practice and his sanity.

Is it “concierge medicine” or another way to manifest a version of Health 3.0? Truths and myths, discussed.


One Response to “Re-Personalized Primary Care with Dr. Lawrence Gassner”

  1. Joyce Perrone

    loved this discussion and looked immediately for an MD VIP in my area. Closest is about an hour away, but we are going to meet her (husband &I). This is what I’ve wanted for so long! I have run primary care practices in my past and know all that goes so wrong, and all that I have desired to be right but the ‘system’ has blocked from happening. The MD VIP website was amazing in instantly reaching out to me via phone call and working with me. Ummmm this NEVER happens in Health 2.0…. never. Now with a veterinarian, yes. More than willing to pay more for a physician for humans that is as great with connectivity as my dog’s doctor. THANK YOU for this connection.


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