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One Response to “Florida Nursing Home Massacre & Should U Spank Your Kids?”

  1. Shane Sanders

    There are better ways of spanking. My mother and father spanked me when I was young. I remember a few times in particular, but I turned out okay. Never had self esteem issues, became a doctor, etc. However, my parents never would spank “in the moment” in anger. That is when it becomes violence. They would wait until they calmed down, re-evaluated if it was actually necessary (does the punishment fit the crime), etc. Then discuss with me what I did wrong, why they have to punish me and what their expectations were for my future behavior. The spanking for them was more of a reminder of how my behavior can effect those around me. Time outs for me were a joke, and I believe they still are. My son can’t even remember what he ate for lunch today, whats 5, 10 or even 30 minutes out of their day just to go back to whatever they were doing?


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