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4 Responses to “Comin’ Straight Outta Salt Lake – NWA (Nurses With Attitude)”

  1. Tina Whitman

    Zdogg! There are still University Police who will be there to help, just not outside LEOs.

  2. Tomas Hernandez

    We have repetitively about “better training for cops” to no avail. It is unclear where the training system is broken but the detective on the field and his superior behind the desk, both need to be in suspension and send to a re-training to de-escalate situations.
    I think the Utah hospital is not saying that police is not allowed to perform police duties; what they are saying is that they cannot go on their own to patient care areas with no reason.
    It is used to be, as you clearly mentioned about the stethoscope in your car in regard traffic infractions, that police officers were able to gain access to any unit in a hospital without any restrains, they show up in uniform or with a badge and are welcome to wander in the hospital. That courtesy is no longer valid, and in this particular hospital, after this particular incident, is protecting their staff.

  3. Russ Altman

    Great discussion and perspective. Z-Elder!