In our 100th episode of Incident Report and Against Medical Advice, we talk happiness and winning the lottery.

Mavis wins a half-billion dollars and immediately quits her job at Mercy Medical Center. What would YOU do if you won? And what does this say about the nature of purpose and human happiness?

Watch the Facebook Live video and lend your voice in the comments. And if you don’t share, the terrorists win.

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7 Responses to “758.7 Million Reasons To Quit Your Health Care Job”

  1. Epador

    Quitting working for the Merciless Nuns was a good choice

  2. Cathey DeChiaro

    And we OUT !! In 30 seconds or less if I won ! There are so many charitable things I could do with that money & not be abused by 2.0 !! Good luck to Mavis……she’s now living the dream !!

  3. William Miller

    absa-freakin-lutely, out of the lab door so fast, i’d ghost everyone I work with. Build the compound, get another house on the lake close by. Build a machine shop at my house, blacksmith shop, whatever, farm.

  4. bbneo

    If you don’t join the pool and they win… and QUIT, you are REALLY screwed.

  5. Nirav Patel

    Everyone in healthcare trying to get out should get on the Mr. Money Mustache tribe.

  6. Julie Parker

    I just asked one of my co-workers what he would do (he is an EMT), he would take a nap.


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