Mothers in the US have been dying at a rising rate, yet a new study reports that nurses may not do the best job educating new moms about postpartum dangers. Should it all fall on their overburdened shoulders or is this wider problem and responsibilty?

A neonatal nurse died after childbirth from a preventable cause despite having a physician husband and being at a hospital with great “numbers,” leading NPR and Propublica on an extended hunt to explore what might be going on systemically.

Here’s their followup piece on the recent nursing study, then watch the Facebook Live video and lend your voice in the comments. SHARE please!

The original journal article is here. Some great resources for education are here and here.

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4 Responses to “When In Doubt, Blame Nurses (Mom Edition)”

  1. Beth Rodgers

    Maybe ask your female MD’s here about their experiences

  2. Sakinah Braun

    What the fuck! God Damn it AWHONN! I knew there reason I did not renew my membership this year (ignore the fact Sallie Mae has me bent over every month for student loans). As a labor & delivery/ postpartum nurse I am deeply disappointed, my ass is sore…I thought you had my back AWHONN. On a serious note, the evolving complexity of maternal population requires IMMEDIATE interventions, short hospital stays and 6 week postpartum visits are no longer acceptable. Have your ever tried to review discharge instructions with a sleep deprived mother whose nipples are tender Real talk… do I need additional education on maternal morbidity and mortality….Yes! but so does every other health care professional. Nursing cannot take the

  3. Leah Rae Jongsma

    So how can I break into this boys club? Because I have just as much knowledge, experience, and important things to say as the rest of you. Not to mention that I’m as big, if not bigger, a Star Wars nerd than y’all.

  4. Leah Rae Jongsma

    Ok, wow, chest pain? Let’s group female cardiac symptoms in with male cardiac symptoms. Are you kidding me? How many woman have I seen with HELLP who were told they had heartburn and to go home? Get over yourself. Teach yourself.


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