Incident Report & Transitions Optical have teamed up to talk wellness…for your eyes!

The Z-Team gets fancy new glasses while learning stuff we never knew about harmful blue light. #SCIENCE!

With a mad shout out to all the optometrists out there who make it bump! #TheNotoriousOD #Sponsored

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Part I: The Eyes Have It

Part II: The Future’s So Bright…

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2 Responses to “Our Blue Light Special!”

  1. Kinoons

    I have a pair of transitions and am mostly happy with them. Mine are 5-7 years old and don’t get as dark as I would like. They’re also uv activated so they do not work in the car. However if my eyes are a little irritated and I cannot wear my contacts I much prefer my transitions to my emergency bedside pair that do not adjust at all. And we all know Tom didn’t read Canterbury tales, he listened to it on Audible.


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