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We done started a beef with Dr. Garth Davis.

We did this video:

So Dr. Davis did THIS video:

Then we did THIS video:

Then Dr. Davis did THIS video:



(also, here’s some of the more nuanced pieces we cut out of our original video)


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36 Responses to “Y’all Vegans Got Beef?”

  1. Dr. Mersi Hadzi

    ZDoggMD, what a great show! Very much looking forward to the “duel.” I recommend you extend an invite to Dr. Jason Fung (author of the Obesity Code) and/or Dr. Colin Champ (author of Misguided Medicine) to participate. Both are practicing physicians (fellowship-trained endocrinologist and “diabesitologist” (Dr. Fung) and radiation oncologist (Dr. Champ)), extremely knowledgeable about basic science and physiology, and most importantly, deeply committed to helping patients achieve and maintain their optimum health.

  2. Benjamin Bigarré

    ZdoggMD, you have a point, alienating people never works (unless alienation is the goal…) ! I think encouraging people to reduce meat is a good thing, even if they still eat some in the end. “Reducitarian” are potentially doing a great deal of good to the animal cause, they really matter . Because of their large number they potentially have a greater impact on the demand and supply than vegans do (who are all over the place but still really few, less than 1% of western countries populations- not even mentioning the rest of the world! ). I think it’s necessary to have vegans around to raise awareness on animal condition- but preaching and ideological talk may indeed lead to the alienation of a large part of the population. It’s counterrproductive Fortunately the vegan movement is not just about preaching – many intelligent and caring people/organizations are doing a great job. We need to be pragmatic, and that’s why I respect your position. By the way, I’m a vegan. 🙂 Looking forward to the discussion with Dr Davis.

  3. William Jiraiya

    On average 1 in 10 people die climbing Mt Everest, that woman was 1 of 3 people who died due to poor weather conditions that day.

    It would be equally as unrelated, biased, distasteful, and dishonest to have portrayed the reason that she died was due to her being a woman, just to give you some clarity around how inappropriate your commentary is.

    Vegan athletes excel in their fields; Carl Lewis and Patrick Baboumian come to mind as they are both world record breaking vegans.

    A woman lost her life, along with a lot of other people on one of the deadliest mountains in the world. The fact that she was vegan merely made the story newsworthy in a climate where people are threatened by the success of vegan lifestyles proving the majority of people to be ignorant on their perception of what foods are essential for human health.

    I think it was disgusting of you to sit there with your redneck buddies and laugh about the death of an accomplished mountaineer who died tragically due to weather conditions, not her diet.

    Aside from the fact that your ‘medical advice’ is garbage and unsupported by evidence, you should be ashamed of yourself just for this fact alone.

    This all might be one big joke to you, but people are dying at an exponential rate and you’re happily going to cash in on the current state of confusion in the nutritional landscape to gain attention by pandering to likeminded and equally ignorant fans.

    Educate yourself before you speak on nutrition, you’re a doctor, not a dietician.

    Learn the difference, because the general population aren’t smart enough to know it themselves.

    • Support Small Farms

      Fyi, pretty much all of Carl Lewis’s main accomplishments came BEFORE he went vegan. Actually within a year of turning vegan, Lewis’s level of success dropped precipitously. SImilar scenario with Venus Williams, who won only one more single’s championship after turning vegan in 2011 (Seran only went vegan to support Venus for a short period of time). Oh, then there is Colin Kaepernick who went from a Super Bowl quarterback while eating meat to out of football as a vegan. Obviously other factors are involved…Oh as for David Carter the former NFL player in WTH, he couldn’t stick with any NFL team after he went vegan.

      SO you know as little about sports as you know about nutrition.

      • William Jiraiya

        “Support Small Farms” – clearly you have no financial bias to lean towards animal consumption and exploitation.

        So you’re telling me, that a sprinter at the end of his career started to drop off? WOW! You know so much about sports and nutrition. You’re so insightful.

        For the record, Lewis’ career was already in a downward trajectory prior to going vegan, and going vegan is what gave him one last burst of incredible performance before his time was up just like any other sprinter in history.

        Lewis literally credits going vegan as to why he had his best year of performance ever.

        Also for the record – I have studied nutrition and work in the athletic field as a combat trainer, and there is literally no nutrient that is found in animal products that cannot be found in abundance in other sources.

        To recap and reiterate – from a strictly scientific standpoint, there is no essential nutrient that a meat based diet provides a human body that cannot be found in a plant based diet.

        You have no idea what you are talking about, maybe even less than ZDoggMD.

        • Support Small Farms

          LOL, how typical to accuses someone of having “financial bias.” You’re a cliche. And fyi, I don’t. I support farms that grow non-till organic vegetables too. SLOL again. Thanks for the joke.

          And yes Lewis was getting old, but he did NOT have any sort of rejuvenation after going vegan. He had one final year before his vegan diet took its toll and expedited his decline.

          And as for your claim to authority, that’s another good joke.

          Not only B12 is a problem, but for many DHA also has to be supplemented. Certain minerals aren’t as bioavailable plus may be blocked by things like oxalates. Amino acid profiles are as nutrient dense. Plus fat soluble vitamins A, D & K2 may be an issue as well

          A lot depends upon different genetic SNP variability (nutrigenomic difference nucleic sequencing). For example, many people are deficient, and some even lack the capability, to elongate AHA to EPA all the way to DHA, and convert beta carotene to retinal.

          So there is no one size fits all diet, and some people are better suited to be vegans than others. Most vegans, given how stupid they are, really need to supplement a lot more pre-formed DHA. So do yourself a favor and pop more micro algae before you embarrass yourself any further.

          • William Jiraiya

            I actually don’t have the time to go into this on such a pointless thread.

            Quick run down on how nutrition works though.

            First of all, it’s ALA not AHA genius.

            Walnuts per gram produce more EPA and DHA than any fish on the planet. This is factoring in the smallest ALA conversion rate, but when looking at higher end spectrum conversion it’s around double the EPA and DHA of fish sources.

            I have never taken a DHA supplement in my life, and I have also never eaten meat in my life, this includes fish, so go figure on the DHA front, moron.

            The fact you even mentioned vitamin A just shows how little you actually know about how nutrition and human biology works, you’re just regurgitating bullshit you’ve read online that you thought sounded smart and confirmed your bias so you think you know what you’re talking about.


            Vitamin B12 is found in adequate amounts in nutrient rich soil and untreated water sources, such as the Yarra River in Australia which is deemed safe to drink. Now I know that not all water sources that contain B12 are safe to drink in this day and age, so my point isn’t relying on this fact, I am merely pointing out that you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to vegan sources of B12.

            The reality is that in our natural state, there would be absolutely zero vitamin B12 deficiency in the vegan diet. All of our root vegetables, which are arguably what helped progress our evolution to this point, would have been covered in vitamin B12 rich soil. The majority of our water sources would have been rich in B12, as well as the general bacteria both on and within our bodies from living in that state of nature.

            In the current world we are living in, where everything is sanitised including our water and vegetables, it is definitely worthwhile taking a B12 supplement while on a vegan diet. Much in the same way 90% of the B12 supplements in the world are now administered to animals in the animal agriculture industry because they’re not getting enough B12 either.

            It’s not a vegan problem, it’s a worldwide problem.

            So people have the choice to either take a B12 supplement, eat fortified foods, get down and dirty in a natural way, or eat meat that has been pumped full of a B12 supplement anyway.

            Vitamin D? You have got to be kidding me. For those that don’t know, vitamin D is produced by our bodies naturally when in contact with direct sunlight. On top of that, deficiencies of vitamin D can be found in all diets across the board due to people not getting outside enough. BBC News even wrote an article recommending that everyone should be taking vitamin D supplements during autumn and winter, regardless of diet.

            With as little as 15 minutes of direct sunlight per day being enough to give us our daily needs I think it’s safe to say that this is yet another point embarrassingly debunked.

            Get a grip dude.

            A vegan diet is deficient in a total of zero nutrients and if you try to argue that it is you’re only showing your ignorance.

          • Support Small Farms

            It’s 2:12 AM where I’m at…so pardon my mistake. And NO walnuts do not have any DHA in them. So you’re the moron now. The omega 6’s in walnuts also inhibit elongation of ALA to EPA so again you’re demonstrating your ignorance. What a freaking joke you are.

            And vitamin A in plants is beta carotene. It’s a precursor that needs to be split by the enzyme dioxygenase to make it bioavailable for humans to use. Some people, a large percentage, are lacking in this vitamin. Plus low fat diets don’t produce enough bile to fully utilize beta carotene or retinol, So again you’re freaking clueless.

            The B12 in soil myth? Is that the best you can do?

            Bacteria in an animal’s microflora make cobalamin (B12) from cobalt. In ruminants (foregut fermenters) this occurs in the 4 part stomach before the digestive tract, so the B12 gets absorbed in the small intestines and then is distributed throughout the body tissues with a large amount of B12 being bio-concentrated in the liver. A small portion gets excreted in the poop. In humans and other hindgut fermenters, the B12 synthesis occurs in the colon at the end of the digestive tract so pretty much all of the B12 gets pooped out. Gorillas get their B12 from eating their own poop (coprophilia) .

            So in nature, where this bacteria is in soil, it’s there because this bacteria is on the poop that has been from excreted the colon. Again you’re clueless.

            And guess what in many places in the world, the sun isn’t always shining especially during the winter in cold climates. Plus even in sunny environments, most people no longer work outdoors. They sit in front of computers all day indoor. Plus if they have low cholesterol levels, they lack the hormone to properly synthesize D3. Many HCLF vegans have unhealthy low levels of cholesterol and don’t get any vitamin D through animal sources like eggs and fats in meats that naturally have vitamin D,…which omnivores can eat during colder times of the year.

            So again, the only way vegans can survive is with supplements and fortifications..

            Btw, did you graduate from the vegan school of nutritional mythology because you really have very little clue what you’re writing about.

          • William Jiraiya

            Oh my god, you must be right!

            But wait… I must be dead then?

            Because I have never supplemented anything in my life and I have also never eaten meat in my life so according to you I must be either dead, or severely deficient in vitamin D, K2, A, B12, and DHA/EPA.. But I just got my blood work done last month and I have perfect levels across the board.

            I also train 3 hours a day in both strength and combat which takes a massive toll on my body, but I guess it must all just be in my imagination because I am such a nutrient deficient vegan, right?

            It must be the lack of DHA and B12 causing my brain to malfunction and hallucinate into believing I am healthy and alive without all the essential nutrients I can only find in meat.

            Regurgitating misinformation doesn’t make you intelligent or give your arguments merit.

            Like I said in the other thread where we have been debating, I am done replying to you. Just stop already.

            I’m out – it’s time for me to be dead without meat and supplements at the gym.

          • Support Small Farms

            Your brain certainly has completely gone to shit which is quite obvious from your replies here. DHA in walnuts…. LOL. B12 from soil…another LOL. And the appeals to authority. F’ing hysterical. Then the irony of you’re suggesting that I’m regurgitating “misinformation.” LOL again. You’re a regular Bob Hope. Though DHA, B12 and Vit D, may help your cognition, I sense you’d be an idiot no matter what you ate.

          • sabelmouse

            how many years have you been doing this?

          • Support Small Farms

            Plus really funny, that you have the audacity to note someone is a moron for a late night typo, when all you write is complete BS. Walnuts have DHA…LOL That’s hysterical. Even flax seed converts primarily to EPA, but doesn’t elongate to DHA….and that’s on average for some people. There are several RCT’s that demonstrate this. So take some micro algae pills because you truly ARE THE MORON…and I’m going to try to go back to sleep….oh, the soil B12 claim…that’s hysterical too. Thanks for the laughs.

  4. Bill Wessner

    zdogg enjoy your work but i agree with Garth Davis. Have you read his book Proteinaholic?

  5. Bill Wessner

    Dr. Neal Barnard is great too. yes high saturated fat directly causes insulin resistance. Barnard would eat your lunch in a debate, no pun intendend.

    • Support Small Farms

      Barnard is actually a board certified psychiatrist. He’s not a board certified internist with no demonstrated expertise in either nephrologist or endocrinologist. His claim to being a supposed “diabetes expert” seems to be based on the performanced biased epidemiological research he has conducted to confirm his biases and the biases of the medical front group of PETA that he formed PCRM.

      Personally I thought it was kind of shocking that Barnard didn’t seem to have a clue about how the liver worked, specifically de novo lipogenesis which is the process that converts excess carbs (especially fructose) to saturated fats.

      Anyone who really wants to have a better understanding of diabetes and the mechanisms involved should listen to videos and read posts by Dr. Jason Fung, a board certified internist who is recognized as an expert in nephrology. Here’s Dr. Fung’s youtube channel:

      My personal opinion on Barnard is that he’s a conniving idiot

    • Support Small Farms

      Mic “The Manic” vegan…LOL Mic got torn a few new assholes when he did his video on ketogenic diets, He ended up censoring the replies because they made Mic look like such an idiot who is scientifically illiterate no matter how matter studies he presents. Any one with half a brain cell can quickly tell that Mic doesn’t even understand any of the science he cherry picks.

      • William Jiraiya

        Damn ‘Support Small Farms’, you really have an agenda to push huh?

        Mic The Vegan absolutely did not censor any comments, you can go to his keto video and read all the comments disagreeing with him if you don’t believe me.

        I am starting to believe you are just on here to introduce doubt into the discussion. If you introduce enough doubt around a topic people will selfishly choose to continue bad habits and it’s clear that you know this.

        FYI – there are a lot of vegans who swallow the keto fad pill hook line and sinker. Keto isn’t necessarily an anti vegan standpoint. I think based on the risks, keto is a stupid and unnecessary dietary pattern, but I am not anti keto because you can be keto and not inflict harm on others, and as long as you only inflict harm on yourself be my guest.

        • Support Small Farms

          Mic (a whole foods low fat vegan) routinely censors comments, and the one he censored on the Keto video was reposted a couple times by others, and censored more than once. The initial response Mic deleted had more likes than his video.

          And sorry, not “pushing an agenda”. Just correcting misinformation. As for doubt, as Bertrand Russell’ said. “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

          Nutritional science is very difficult to do with any precision. Most of the nutritional research is epidemiology, which is only intended to generate hypothesis for more controlled research later. That later long term research is often too costly to pursue. So all you’re really left with is confounders and statisticians adjusting numbers to try to correct for those confounders.

          Thus anyone who cherry picks data to present the science as being more certain than it is thus is a fool or a fanatic or like Mic both. The people who think Mic is insightful are more scientifically illiterate than he is.

          • William Jiraiya

            I can wholeheartedly agree with the bulk of this comment.

            I do think we enter a cherry picking shit show whenever comparing the scientific data to support our bias in the nutrition field because there really are just so many factors to consider.

            For me though, and what I deem as the reasoning why I am vegan, is as follows:

            Does meat contain any essential nutrients that can’t be found elsewhere? No.
            Can I live and be healthy on a vegan diet? Yes.

            Okay, so if there is a diet that is at the minimum – proven to be a healthy diet when implemented correctly, and that same diet is proven to reduce my environmental impact by at least 50%, and that same diet also inflicts the least amount of direct harm on other beings I share this planet with, why on earth wouldn’t it be my chosen diet?

            So I put it to you, and anyone else reading this:

            If there is a diet that is healthy, better for the environment, and causes the least harm, why isn’t it your chosen diet?

            I am yet to come across a single argument that validates the consumption of meat outside of survival situations, and that’s worrying to me.

            That’s why I am very quick to jump on bullshit like ZDoggMD trying to portray vegan diets as being inadequate and perpetuating myths that quite literally could cost us our planet and human existence as a whole.

          • Support Small Farms

            Sorry you’re spewing more BS . It is much easier to have an optimal diet with meat in it for most people. Vegan diets require supplements especially for B12 and a lot more planning. I responded to your nonsensical assertion about diets in more detail below.

            And no, vegan diet don’t necessarily do the least harm. You can only make that claim because you’re probably completely oblivious to how farming or ranching is done.
            There are very bad to very good ways to raise, catch or grow any type of food.

            Most widespread crop production is done very very poorly including tilled organic production for annuals which releases soil carbon into the atmosphere, and destroys soil ecosystems which leads to a lot of soil loss. Industrial Ag is even worse, including the non-till input intensive systems.

            In tilled organic, tilled conventional and non-till conventional, there is a tremendous amount of death and destruction from land conversion, cultivation, protection, irrigation, pollination, harvest, storage and transport. Just different animals die often in much greater numbers than die in pasture based livestock systems especially pastured ruminant based systems Pastured based systems in most places in the world do not require ecosystem conversion (only 4% of global cattle inventory is in the Amazon…where none should be).

            Properly managed pastured based systems (including integrated systems) also build soil organic matter (soil carbon) which improves water retention and infiltration, so there is soil being built rather than eroded. Plus when soil has more moisture, is continuously covered and isn’t tilled, that soil becomes an environment for methane oxidizing bacteria. Thus well managed pasture based ruminant systems are carbon and methane sinks (not emitters)

            30 to 40% of the current carbon in the atmosphere according to Rattan Lal, a Nobel Prize winning soil scientist is there due to the PLOW.

            So needless to say, you’re even more clueless about farming (and soil science) than you are about nutrition.

          • William Jiraiya

            You want to talk about me being cliche then proceed to spew out cliches from your own side of the debate, you crack me up.

            “There are very bad to very good ways to raise, catch or grow any type of food.”

            No shit Sherlock.

            None of what you just regurgitated is new information, and the idea that harvesting crops causes more harm than harvesting animals has been debunked so many times I am surprised you and your Google degree hasn’t yet found the relevant information. But I guess you just read things that support your bias, whereas I read both sides of the debate in order to have a better understanding of how things work.

            You’ll notice I said ‘the least harm’ I never said no harm.

            You’re also failing to factor in the negative environmental impact of pasture fed cattle because that would negatively affect your biased standpoint.

            I am done with responding to you at this point, because you haven’t enlightened me with any new or compelling evidence and I have had this debate so many times with so many meat addicted fanatics like yourself that I am bored of it.

            Look up ‘veganic farming’ if you’re so concerned with farming practices and the best way to move forward in order to cause the least harm and actually practice what you preach.

          • Support Small Farms

            You wrote, “…and the idea that harvesting crops causes more harm than harvesting animals has been debunked so many times..” Actually my claim hasn’t been debunked at all. I’ve read these supposed “debunkings”, and they came from vegans who don’t understand the differences between protein (amino acid compositions), aren’t comparing pastured systems, don’t understand stocking rates, think ruminants are raised their entire lives in CAFO’s, don’t understand seasonality, don’t understand crop rotations, don’t understand integrated farming systems, inflate vegan outcomes, etc. Many of these so-called “debunkings” are by vegans who have obviously never been on a farm or ranch (which I’d have to assume includes you). So in other words, your so-called debunkings are BS. When you actually step on farms, especially industrial farms, there is zero wild life. In contrast , well managed pastures are full of diversity above, and especially below soil..

            So, in short, you’re just another mindless vegan who regurgitates nonsense from the vegan cybersphere instead of experiencing and thinking things for himself.

          • Support Small Farms

            Funny too, I just had a similar dialogue with another mindless vegan, who made the same “debunking” claim. Here’s my clipped response to the “debunking” info he provided from the vegan cybersphere:
            Sorry the grams of protein math exercise is a lot of vegan self stroking for a number of reasons, so the resulting derivations for animals death is also skewed.

            To begin with all proteins aren’t the same, all proteins have different densities of amino acids. Beef is far more nutrient dense in terms of amino acids. Soy and other legumes are the most dense plants, but they still are a lot less amino acid dense than beef. Corn, doesn’t even come close. So from a what actually constitute the protein point of view, there’s a large numerical error built into the outcome of the equation provided.

            Not to mention with land better management, you can increase the carrying capacity of land so you have have denser stocking rates. The assumed stocking rates shown in this author’s math were very low, while the proteins numbers were a bit optimistic for the reasons detailed below. So again more skewing of numbers to generate more favorable stats,

            With crops, you need to rotate them so you break pest cycles and restore soil nutrients, so here too, you’ll have other crops beside soy that have fewer amino acids so less dense proteins.

            Plus seasons come into play. You’re not growing crops year round. Some places have very short growing seasons, where grazing can be done much longer. Some places don’t have a lot of water, in these locations it takes a lot more blue water to grow crops than grasses for grazing. Plus if you’re doing tilled cropping systems or non-till with glyphosate burn downs, you’re using farming practices that lead to soil compaction which reduces water infiltration. Uncovered soil also quickly erodes. The amount of topsoil being lost is astronomical. Without healthy soils you then have lower yields. The water has to come from somewhere, and diverted water adversely impacts the ecosystems and life in the ecosystems the water is taken from (eg. salmon in NCal). Pumped water does too, because when deep aquifers are pumped, selenium is often pumped up. Selenium is toxic to birds. So there’s even more collateral damage for fish and birds that has to be accounted for, especially when drinking your almond milk.

            And like I noted before, beef cattle and crop production isn’t necessarily an either or equation. You can raise ruminants and farm crops on the SAME land. Again this comes down to rotations of crops and livestock. Livestock help to reduce or even eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. This improves soil health which INCREASES crop yields. This also builds healthy soils. Without healthy soils, you don’t have a sustainable food system.

            So the MAIN point is that stats can be spun however you choose to support any bias, so people who rely solely on numbers rather than actual experience are completed clueless as to how food production is done and what are the impacts of different methodologies..

            Farming and ranching are very land specific. There are many ways to farm or ranch any piece of land from very bad to very good. Appropriate land use is also important. Not all crops can be grown on the same land. A lot more land is suitable for grazing than is suitable for crops. A lot of land is suitable for crops or grazing. Right now we have systems of crop production and grazing that aren’t well managed, and being done in the wrong places (Though note only 4% of global cattle inventory is in the Amazon. None should be there. But if you listen to vegans, you think all of it is in the Amazon).

            Anyway, it’s really clear you don’t know much about how food is grown, raised, or caught. All you now is probably what you seen on netflix or in youtube videos. There is very little food production, especially at scale, that doesn’t include a massive amount of displacement and death to other animals. I’d give you some examples like the rice fields near Sacramento,which I visited recently, but this is already longer of a reply then I attended, so instead I’m going to take a shower and go to sleep.

          • Mickjoebill

            “It is much easier to have an optimal diet with meat in it for most people.”
            And the consequence of “easy” is a premature death preceded by debilitating illness.
            Storing preparing and cooking meat is hardly “easy” compared to doing the same with vegetables! Then there is the cost, the pasture fed meat is not affordable to many, who eat trough fed penned cattle and processed mechanically recovered white goop, coloured and flavoured for effect.

          • LA Chefs column

            Um no, sorry well sourced meat doesn’t lead to debilitating illness. The claims that it does are based on very weak epidemiological evidence …which is very very low associated relative risk. Cooking meat and storing meat is very simple. Plus eating off cuts and organ meats keeps costs down, so you’re just spewing regurgitated talking points rather than doing any actual thinking.

          • Mickjoebill

            Um no, sorry well sourced meat doesn’t lead to debilitating illness.

            My stated context was that most folk can’t afford organic free range Prime cuts.

            “The claims that it does are based on very weak epidemiological evidence …which is very very low associated relative risk.”

            Irrelevant as I am referring to eating processed meat.

            ” Cooking meat and storing meat is very simple.”

            Electricity, refrigerator, separation of work surfaces, utensils and pots. Get it wrong and bugs, invisible to the naked eye wil make you sick.

            “Plus eating off cuts and organ meats keeps costs down,so you’re just spewing regurgitated talking points rather than doing any actual thinking.”

            Science and fact based information do indeed form the basis for talking points.

      • sabelmouse


  6. Bill Wessner

    debate prep: watch forks over knives. read proteinaholic. ZDogg I am an RN in telemetry. loved your readmission video.

  7. Bill Wessner

    Dr. Davis droppin fruit and veggie truth bombs

    • Support Small Farms

      Actually he isn’t. In this crossover RCT, with lean participants, DNL increased 290% w. excess carbs in only 4 days. That’s the whole point, it’s excess carbs, especially fructose that is ONLY processed by the liver, that leads to NAFLD and fatty pancreas. So Davis’s whole claim that it’s hard for carbs to be converted to fats via DNL is a fallacious one.

    • Support Small Farms

      LOL, not to mention the increase in recent fat consumption has been almost exclusively veg PUFU’s. SFA consumption has actually gone significantly DOWN. Plus the blue zone myth is patently false in Sardinia and Okinawa. Okinawans have been eating pork and cooking with lard since 1392. The pig came to the island before the sweet potato. Okinawans do not have low fat diets. Sardinians eat a lot of cheese and yogurt, as well as occasionally eat both red meat and fish.

      • Bill Wessner

        paleo is dead yuk

        • LA Chefs column

          Yawn, “paleo” has always been a misnomer. Evolutionary based diets have more than a single dietary pattern, but never included all the processed nonsense (HFCS,industrial seed oils, etc) and amounts of sugar that modern people eat nowadays

  8. Support Small Farms

    Get Robert Cywes, MD, PhD is Board Certified in General Surgery and specializes in pediatric and adult bariatric surgery. Cywes’s in the LCHF camp . With Cywes, Davis can’t pull the whole appeal to authority nonsense like Davis usually does. Here’s one of Cywes’s presentations from 2014