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Getting hate mail from vegans is a special kind of dopamine rush. Apparently talking about nutrition is on par with talking about religion and politics…prepare to scream, be accused of murder, and hit the “unfriend” button repeatedly.

Tom Hinueber and I break down the latests #butthurt tsunami, caused by this video. Watch the (EXPLICIT) Facebook Live video and lend your voice in the comments.

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8 Responses to “TribeTalk: Nutrition is the New Religion”

  1. Oldretirednurse

    Just because a head of cabbage doesn’t have much to say doesn’t mean it’s not alive. At least we kill cows before we eat them. One has to eat vegetables while they are still alive because when they’re dead, they are slimy and moldy and gross.

    • Lori Burwell

      How would you kill a vegetable old retired nurse?

    • Mulder Pantano


  2. Mulder Pantano

    As a Nurse, I’ve watched Diabetics in hospitals and Nursing homes alike, get served what is supposed to be a “Diabetic Diet”, and it’s full of Pancakes, bagels and pasta?? Meat would probably be the healthiest thing on their plate, as long as it’s not fried.

  3. Rebecca Thomas

    Dude, you guys hit the nail on the head !!! I was totally disgusted with the movie. I work as an eating disorder dietitian and it’s because of these stupid documentaries that my caseload has exploded!!! All people need to do read up on SCIENCE AND BIOLOGY!!!

  4. Kyczy

    I love your pod casts! Just an FYI I had been on food stamps and trying to feed my kids well. (I am old so Adele Davis was my first exposure to “mindful eating”) There was no way! I was incesnes to find that you can buy candy and “cheese food products” but not vitamins. Government food boxes came with powdered eggs and velveeta. There was no way to eat a wholesome diet on the amount of money a month. I think way back when some Senator’s wives [sic] had tried to eat from food purchased by food stamps for a month and were unable to. Thank you for pointing out the social inequities of trying to eat well (no matter what that menu includes.) I wish some of my ayurvedic, fast once a week, chia yoga friends would come up with a recipe book for food stamp users that would be wholesome and affordable within those constraints.

    • Mickjoebill

      There are numerous books on eating well on a budget, you’ll find they promote low cost staples such as oats, rice and beans.


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