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Should we invite the American Medical Association to talk shop on the show?

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5 Responses to “Not Your Grandfather’s American Medical Association?”

  1. Kinoons

    If you can get nationally recognized origanizations such as the AMA, ANA, AANP, NAEMT, and AAPA onboard with the movement a great deal may be gained. While support from within their own ranks may wax and wane, each origanization is an authority when viewed by the general public. Additionally each most assuredly has a large group of political activists who have influence in government. If this can be leveraged towards health 3.0 it would be a great asset to try and offset other special interests who do not want to see change. Trying to get them in our corner is not a fools errand at all. Also I bet Vader never needs the shaggy defense. (Nice pit stains tom @36:28 — got AC?)

  2. William Wright

    I guess IRL is already taken.

  3. Nathan McKenty

    I’m a medical student involved with the AMA for a little over a year now. I can tell you that there are still stodgy voices within the org for sure, but there has been a change in the winds with them having more emphasis on patients and less on physicians’ career and income security. They’ve really started to include more input from DO’s and us medical students have an increasingly stronger voice for change as part of the AMA. I for one would love to see this partnership because we need more voices like yours to slowly steer this bulky AMA ship in innovative directions. Increasingly voices like yours and us med students are looking to the future instead of just trying to “defend the borders” doctors’ profession. Please do it and shake them up with fresh ideas!

  4. Mati

    As a older physician who is sinking in a sea of meaningless use clicks, I hear your elephant wants the recognition/prestige of working with the AMA. As a older physician who paid my $400/year and then watched the AMA sell the profession down the river with Obamacare, I have absolutely no use for the AMA, and any collaborative endeavor would significantly lesson my enthusiasm. My elephant has been burned badly by the establishment, and as a female elephant has a memory that won’t forget. Since I no longer read the garbage that the AMA puts forth (their justification of Obamacare opened my eyes to the fact that they were only in cahoots with the money and were not looking out for the interest of physicians), I just “googled” AMA and meaningful use. The AMA pays a *little* lip service to physicians not liking meaningful use, but there is nothing about changing it….they talk about making changes within the framework of meaningful use. Not enough for this elephant who is really pissed that I an exhausted at the end of a day spent clicking boxes so that I can get paid. This elephant has yet to see meaning in MU. You can say it is not “your grandfather’s AMA” because that is the rationalization your elephant is using…..however, what HAS the AMA really done to get us out of this mess? (BTW, the thought that they do not support TrumpCare is a non-starter. Working in a rural area in a state that did not support medicaid expansion, Obamacare has decimated even some of the patients who have private insurance (Blue Cross forced small businesses buying their own insurance into a HMO model which is horrific……PPO still exists but only in the Big City). Obamacare is unsustainable and is killing the hardworking middle class (but no one talks about that….) ) Where is the proof that the AMA is changing? To say the doctors don’t like the current state of affairs but that we can change within the confines of the current EMR….no change there. That just tells me that the AMA is still sold out to the big money EMR vendors. The AMA is still forgetting the physician. Signed, Skeptical & Disappointed (and a little verbose) in Texas


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