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Brace yourself…new students are coming!

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One Response to “Welcome To School, Healthcare Fam!”

  1. Kinoons

    It’s interesting I remember my first shift as an FNP in the ER. I was immensely proud of myself for accomplishing a goal I had set that took 8 years of hard work to accomplish (the transition from paramedic to FNP). This quickly turned to nervousness by the second patient. It’s funny, no how much the physicians tried to tell me that it is a completely different thought process going from bedside RN to provider, it took doing the job to realize it. Now I try to explain to RNs how our process is different and I see the same blank look I am sure I gave to my doctors when I was nursing. Nothing can prepare you for the change from taking an order set and making sure it matches the patient I have in front of me to having to take all the information, sings, symptoms, history, etc., that a patient gives you and synthesize all of it into a treatment plan. Even now 2+ years into my new career I tell people I have become accustom to the job, but I am no where near comfortable yet.


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