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When a patient goes on a cray cray rant in Canada, another patient gets it on video.

We talk about yet another deeply taboo subject: race. Watch the Facebook Live video (it’s a TribeTalk so be warned about language…basically it’s the same language we start using the minute we get off shift) and lend your voice in the comments!

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13 Responses to “Get Me A WHITE Doctor, NOW”

  1. Wanda Gonzalez

    Working as a nurse, the GI bleed pt was ok with me until I told him the doctor needed to ok’d me giving him a meal. Then I became an “f-ing mexican that needs to go back to your fing third world country”. Ha! I’m actually puertorrican! But hey, I bet all of us Spics look the same to that jerk. Needless to say, he got no food. The charge nurse had to take over his care because the rest of the staff was either Black, Filipino, Hispanic or Indian. Bwahahaha

  2. Elizabeth Pashea-Wagganer

    If she was really concerned for her child she wouldn’t give a rats ass what color the physician is. She wanted attention for being a racist bitch.

  3. Karen Courville

    Honestly..the kid is standing upright sucking down a drink. I think he’s going to be just fine. He’s NOT going to be fine raised by that thing as a mother. Despite all I see in the world, I still get shocked seeing behavior like that.

  4. Mark Sauerbrunn

    People. Be. Crazy. This is exactly why I left the ER and went to the MICU. We have problems like this in the ICU also, but not as bad as the ER.

  5. maelstrom143

    Zdoogmd is on the money with this one. Regular occurrence with entitled humans. I have never had it happen to me, but I’ve been witness to encounters such as this.

  6. Scott Blanchard

    Call PD and have her removed. We deal with crap like this in triage on a frequent enough basis. Goes for all races, people of all walks of life can be horrible. Nothing to do with skin color.

  7. Charlene Cohen

    Excepting that behavior is not cool. No all cool. U go Tom! I agree with you. She was an ignorant human being. Even if you don’t get mad Z, what if that was your daughter under .attack?
    I would have calmly told her we are not refusing care to your child, so if you are refusing to receive the care available, you are welcome to leave.
    After that , I would have called the police for her disturbing the police.

  8. Charlene Cohen

    Star Bellys. Read the book.

  9. Charlene Cohen

    Dr. Seuss Star Belly

  10. Alani Fliger Jarrett

    Child’s chest is hurting so she is worried about the color of the doc??

  11. Tim Wootten

    I remember once while working the night shift as a PA (so, I was a pale white man) a patient straight up looked at me and said I don’t want to see a black doctor! I had to turn around to see if he was referring to someone else. I said, I am White. He proceeded to argue with me so I went to my supervising physician (African American) and proceeded to tell him that the pt was refusing to see me because “I’m Black”.

  12. BluSkyeHost .

    That was an awful scene, wasn’t it. I’m a white female, older than the woman in the video. One aspect I haven’t seen mention is the “cultural male superiority” attitude. It’s one where the physician also thinks MD = medical deity. Yes, I’ve been the victim of this type treatment (he thought my issue should be cured in three months; most people deal with it for years). He was solely money driven. But I’ve had fantastic treatment from doctors of the same ethnic background. Honestly, it’s all a matter of attitude.

  13. Ouardane Jouannot

    Hello y’all, if you’d like to get some more information on systemic racism and power structures, we’re happy to talk at the facebook page White Nonsense Roundup.


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