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Health 2.0 forces doctors to abandon clinical medicine…and we still blame the victim?

Watch and share the main show above. Read the article. Then hide the kids and watch the uncensored discussion TribeTalk below…and lend your voice in the comments! (Also, check out this amazing piece by Dr. Amy Baxter)


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3 Responses to “Docs Who Can’t Hack It”

  1. Dike Drummond MD

    Hey Z
    There is a perception that doctors are leaving medicine in droves. That is not true. There is a lot of WISHING you could leave – and quickly find a different profession that replaces your doctor income.

    The truth is there are very few non-clinical jobs you can quickly transfer to. The story you quote is RARE.

    The stigma and shame come from the second of the two unconscious laws of our doctor programming. That law is NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS.

    The shame is that your inner voice says, “What’s wrong, you can’t hack it.”
    Your peers will avoid you like you have cooties rather than support and ask how you are doing.

    There is a LOT to discuss here. We should talk sometime. I have over 2000 hours of one on one coaching experience with burned out doctors and have trained over 10,000 more.

    And one thing that is true is there is no mass exodus. There is a LOT of pain and suffering in the front lines.

    Dike Drummond MD

  2. joshua kinnunen

    when I was in medic school and planning on going to medical school I had several EM MDs talk me out of medical school saying it sucks to be a doc. Once I realized I was unhappy as a medic because I wanted more I decided to go the APRN route. Now that I’ve taken the long road to being an APRN in the ER and have no regrets at all. I get to take care of 90% of the same patients, make pretty damn good money, have 1/4 of the debt, and I can have a new job in a new specialty in less than a week once I get tired of being in the ER.

    As you eluded to healthcare 2.0 is more hours and patients with little in return for the extra work. No wonder so many docs are unhappy. Until they are willing to say no more and tell management they’re going to stop working there is no motivation for cooperate to make any changes. As far as the cooperations are concerned there isn’t a problem, the system is working just fine.


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