3 Responses to “Close Encounters of the Nursing Kind”

  1. Jan Fulton

    Please, ZDogg include dentistry in your Z Fam.
    RHD’S are in the same boat as nurses. Since corporations took over dentistry we are In a world of poopie. The last time I looked oral health is Considered a part of our BODY! Hygienist are suffering because we are not able to work to the top of our license. We follow you!!

    • Julie D'Arcy

      I’ve never been able to understand how dentistry (and optical care) got shuffled off to a whole different system. Sure seems like medicine to me!

      • Jan Fulton

        Thank you Julie..I have wondered that for years. If you have An infection in your mouth , it, of course is coursing through your body. I can’t understand why medical docs don’t do more oral exams as a part of the annual exams. And then encourage each patient to have dental exams.
        Doctors are WAY behind when it comes to this part of our bodies.


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