Naturopaths and Chiropractors are using the opioid crisis to expand their reach. Who will stand firm against the Supplement Industrial Complex (SIC)?

In this episode of Against Medical Advice, Logan goes AWOL after producing the greatest show intro EVER, so Tom and Z try to figure s**t out. Here’s the article we discuss. And make sure to watch our takes on the opioid crisis: Treat Yourself and Blank Script.

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2 Responses to “Hands Off My Opioids, Naturo-Quacks!”

  1. Jessica McPherson

    Hi., Dr. Z., I’m an RN in Buffalo NY. I love the way your brain works…I wish you were closer, would love to pick your brain more on this topic. On a personal and professional level…opioid use in Buffalo is at an epidemic level….

  2. Merry Bern

    Many of the accidental opioid overdose victims whom I have known were people who did not think they had achieved anything worthwhile, or not as much as they should have, given their genius IQs. They did not think anyone needed them, so they amused themselves medicating themselves for (partially psychic) pain, but went a little too far, often by combining with benzodiazepines. I appreciate the fact that you acknowledged that NDs and DCs are on a spectrum in terms of competence and responsible practice. When I graduated as an ND in 1984 (pre-med in Chemistry, MCAT old version scores averaged 11,) I was not confident about many of the therapeutic modalities I was taught, and have done other things, including getting a quick Associate Degree in nursing and working within the hospital system as an RN for the past 30-plus years. I now write gently-scathing appeal letters when insurers contend that care rendered was not medically necessary, and my ND education prepared me perfectly to make unassailable arguments, and to make me a super-confident support for nurses and case managers advocating for doing the right things for patients. Be assured that NDs with 4-year degrees like mine spend 2 years learning the same basic sciences as MDs. Some of us were not brave enough to enter practice in the ’80s, especially in view of the absence of insurance reimbursement for care. Some NDs are as smart as you are, but perhaps we don’t rap as well…