Few currently living know that billionaire peri-anal plastic surgeon Dr. Chase McAllister has a secret identity. When contacted in his undisclosed bunker location via the ZDoggMD Pseudoscience Crime Computer™, he transforms into beloved medical crusader Doc Quixote!

Although owing to various restraining orders he is unable to physically fight crime (or practice surgery in several regions of the country, for that matter), he is able to use the bully pulpit to educate the masses about health-related issues.

Unfortunately, he puts the “bull” back in the bully pulpit on this one. We asked him to do a followup vaccine education rap to our previous effort, Immunize. Regrettably, his questionable internet research methods result in a bigger misunderstanding than any ever depicted on Three’s Company. The final product of his efforts is a rap video that would make Jenny McCarthy proud.

Enjoy this tour de farce of vaccine denialism and pseudoscientific conspiracy theory, remembering all the while that yes…people actually believe this stuff. Get yo’ vax on, folks!


19 Responses to “ImmuLies!”

  1. Mama Tao

    Bwahahhaha! Very nice. I had no idea that our good Doc Q was a plastic surgeon. He needs to hook a Mama up. Does he only do Anal plastic surgery? I ask because my holistic dentist has agreed to pull all my teeth and reimplant them upside-down and now I just need someone to move my Tatas to my back–Halloween is complete!! I’m going as a Hot Mess. I’m also going to need all my “bio” scraps back because I don’t want you selling my cells to big pharma. You can just put them in one of those red baggies and leave it by my purse. \n\nKeep up the funny Mr. Dr. Dogg!

    • ZDoggMD

      Yo, Quixote definitely took a page out of the Mama Tao rulebook for this one!

      • Mama Tao

        I think he did his research on my blog, actually.

  2. Chris

    Very funny, and all too true! Today I got a new excuse on why they ignore the data:\n”Turns out that people in support of ‘science’ are relying on blind faith. Even Darwin was a good Christian.”\n\nI wonder if she would fly on Alternative Aviation?

    • ZDoggMD

      The only science I have blind faith in is She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby. That song needs no peer review!

  3. Cathleen

    I’m dismayed that he forgot about “boosting the immune system” as a way to happily weather harmless childhood illnesses like invasive pneumococcal disease and Hib.\n\nKidding. It was awesome! This is your calling : )

    • Doc Quixote

      I wanted to put in a whole section about boosting the immune system, which I do regularly by adding grated honeycomb to my kiwi/papaya smoothie. But try as I might, I couldn’t come up with a convincing rhyme for “smoothie.” Anyway, Z Dogg had to edit out a lot of excellent and compelling anti-vaccine rapping due to time constraints…just wait for the director’s cut!

  4. Pranab

    We don’t need no shots/ Just brotherhood!\n\nThis is priceless! 😉 And what’s up with the kitchen clock!

    • Doc Quixote

      It’s part of my signature “Busta Flav” look…I was trying to combine everything bad about anti-vax with everything bad about rap.

  5. Christine

    ROFLMAO!!!! Love, love, love it. So love reading the Globe, and “I’m just reading a journal article. Gonna’ get some CMES”. Excellent, made my night. Thank you!

  6. Francesca

    Mercy you guys are killing me here. I’ve been in childcare many years and have cared for some infants/toddlers who were not vaccinated. I did all I could to explain to Parents dangerous consequences of their negligent, abusive behavior, but was met with fierce resistance. I could not take these kids anywhere without worrying. They have to live in bubbles because of their own Parents selfishness and stupidity. There should be a law mandating vaccinations in interest of all public safety!

  7. jedeyeMD

    superb video, it’s great to see the ZDoggMD stable of rappers growing into a proper crew. Actual quote from a patient I saw Friday (pregnant woman I was trying to convince to get a Rubella vaccine): “I’m not worried about what Rubella will do to my baby. I’m worried about what thimerisol will do to my baby.” Hmm. I was flabbergasted but I should have just shown her the Doc Q video.

    • Lisa Miller

      People like that only believe in anecdotal evidence, so just tell her that this total stranger (me) you met on the internet had the multi-dose H1N1 Vax with thimerisol when she was pregnant(because they ran out of the other) and her baby was fine. Sadly that will work better than facts and logic.

  8. Christine

    Jedeye, show your patient Immunulies, and if that does not convince her to immunize, then I can show her a ward of kids I saw in Zambia 6 mos ago during a Measles outbreak. One look at those babes, often dead the next day, might convince her. Zdogg and his cohorts would be a nicer way to do it though. Frikking parents need turned into CPS, I tell you. Downright abuse.

    • jedeyeMD

      I hear you Christine. I worked in Uganda a few years back and saw some kids with acute polio. I think all these anti-vaccine parents should be forced to work in Africa. I do wonder sometimes if legally they could be reported to CPS. Even if CPS did not do anything, it would send a strong message to the parents.

      • Sharp in LA

        Because Uganda has great sanitation! ALL “vaccines eliminated xyz,” thinking is twisted to ignore that every one of those diseases/ailments was already on a STEEP DECLINE when vaccines were introduced. Do you care to dispute that?

    • Sharp in LA

      Yes let’s compare a third world nation with shit sanitation to a first world nation. 😉


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