Let me just say┬áthat my “fans,” the Z-Pac, are the greatest people you could ever hope to meet. Case in point: Erik and Colleen Cox. They are a married couple, both nurse practitioners on the Big Island of Hawaii for a primary care group called Mango Medical. When they heard I was planning a family trip to the island they went above and beyond and got a local lab group to sponsor a dinner for the medical community where I got to bring my family, eat like a Kailua pig, and spit some mad rhymes & primary care reinvention fire.┬áThat’s some aloha spirit folks…MAD LUV to these healthcare peeps serving their community with pride on the most isolated land mass on the planet.

Here’s a little ZVlogg about the whole adventure, complete with obligatory GoPro snorkel footage and trip to Costco for da grind. Mahalo y’all!

IMG_5350 IMG_5595 IMG_5578 IMG_5542 IMG_5464 IMG_5280 IMG_5218 IMG_0562 IMG_0553 IMG_5196

3 Responses to “Hawaii 5.0”

  1. ez-e

    Hey, it’s Zjazzy hanging with the Zpups!

  2. Rob Cordes

    I have been to Maui and Kauai twice. The downside visiting those places is coming home! I am real close to moving there too have been told they need pediatricians.\n

  3. Carol Q Galper

    Your comments are very accurate. It’s expensive here and there are few specialists so docs here really practice to the top of their skill set. That’s why we at the Hawaii Island Family Medicine residency program in Hilo, are training family physicians who are from Hawaii or who have deep ties (so they understand the isolation both personally and professionally that comes with living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean). This way they will learn the clinical skills needed to manage complex patients without a team of specialists available in the hospital–like most academic medical centers have available. Next time you are in the islands come visit us and teach you about rat lung worm disease!\n


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