The perils of sleep deprivation, caught on tape.

Up all night at the hospital, I decided palm the camera, flip it around to catch my haggard mug, and just let ‘er stream full tilt. Let iMovie sort the mess later.

Full Frontal” refers to my discourse on the frontal lobe and the consequences of having one that isn’t firing on all cylinders. But it was also my slick ploy to attract viewers on YouTube by appealing to their base impulses–I mean, what screams “nudity” more than full frontal? Unfortunately, when folks looked at the thumbnail for the video, it became quite clear that they wanted nothing full frontal from that guy.

4 Responses to “Full Frontal”

  1. Anonymous

    "Come on, LOL is one thing, but OMG!"

    • drcassie8

      Hi…Same reaction as above …”OMG”?! — really, this video was SO funny and I’ve bookmarked your blog, hope you keep this up even if your updates are done between naps. And I agree with you about old people. My Mom’s 85 and …awesome or even, OMG! \n\n (And me, I am a humble PhD but love to follow some medical blogs.)

  2. Melissa (DrSnit)

    +1 Zdoggy!