The one good thing JCAHO did for us…

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    We had a doc who was absolutely out of control. He yelled at people at random. He threw things. He said inappropriate things to patients, like once a post op patient was in recovery and not yet awake enough to extubate. He yelled at the patient, “Stop screwing around and take a deep breath!!!!”
    It’s not that admin didn’t know about it, they knew. We nurses constantly wrote him up for unprofessional behavior. And its not that admin didn’t try. They made him go to anger management classes, thry brought him in repeatedly to tell him he could not behave this way. The DON kept scheduling meetings for him, and he never showed up. Why wasn’t he fired? He did a very specialized procedure that brought in a lot of money.
    So one day I was just browsing the TJC website for no real reason, and I came across a page on physician abusive behavior. Apparently JCAHO has a zero tolerance policy against it. Who knew?
    Suddenly, we had a plan. Nobody had to come forward and say a thing. We didnt even have to threaten to call the TJC. We just printed out a few copies of the page, and one of our NP’s took them and slipped them into some key mailboxes.
    Within a week the DON called us all into a meeting to let us know they were trying. Within a few more weeks, after years of abuse, he was gone.
    That was years ago now. Nobody seems to know what happened to him.
    I’m no fan of the TJC, but this was one time we were able to put them to good use!

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    Impressed that it got handled however a shame that it took the threat of JCAHO.

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