Respiratory Therapists and nurses stretched too thin

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    I had to get out. As a PRN therapist, I was the #6 Respiratory therapist on the shift. Now the hospital has made the department work with 3 employees on per shift. One or two in ICU and One in the ER and handle every emergency on the floor. They do not have time for lunch or break. And the nurses have to do ALL of the breathing treatments, maintain Bipaps, and suction trachs, etc. The RT supervisor has to re-assess staffing every 4 hours and send someone home if it slows down. I am sad for the patients. Sad for the nurses and the therapists. I was listening to other therapists on a FB page complaining about how they cry before going in to work with the workload they have right now with the flu so bad. I thought it would be nice if this ‘abuse’ got some exposure and thought of ZDogg, I watched when the hospitals were flooded and the working conditions were so bad. Maybe it has already been discussed lately. But I wish administration could spend one day with a therapist, and see the critical issues that are being overlooked because of lack of GOOD patient care.

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