Questions to ask before having someone join a Medical Profession

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    What questions do you think should be asked when admitting a “muggle” to a health care professional school/training to help find the best partners for Health Care 3.0?

    I am specifically looking for questions for an accelerated nursing program and emergency medicine residency, but would love to hear any other questions you may have for your specific situation.

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    *Do you have kids?* People which kids pair well for study&play dates.
    *How do you normally study?* People who like to create cards and questions pair well with people who like to play games of take quizzes.
    *How far do you live from campus?* Further people could be good groups to meet at another location.
    *Do you have experience in the medical field?*. Sometimes having someone experienced is good to help understand certain concepts, work out plausible scenarios, and just someone to help guide and build confidence.

    Hope these help.

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      I am not sure if one is allowed to ask about having kids in an employment interview (which I am pretty sure a residency interview would be). It also seems murky to ask a prospective nursing student if they have kids…. Some may assume that the student would need more time away from class than a student without children.

      As for where the person lives, most of the candidates applying for an Emergency Medicine residency will be relocating for the position. Even for nursing school, many people move closer once admitted. Could you clarify how that question would help me assess people on their capacity to be a healthy part of Health Care 3.0?

      To clarify, I have been asked to join the panel interview for my departments future residents. I have been doing interviews for my Alma masters nursing program for the past two years, but I just chose my interview questions based on what I have been asked. Hoping to come up with questions to make me a better interviewer.

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