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    Logan Stewart

    Tell us what y’all think of Oz the magnificent.

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    I love him, I think he’s swell! lol

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    Best snake oil salesman in the history of ever (which is bizarre because at one point I *think* he was a legit top cardiologist at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC

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      Pretty sure he still is a cardiac surgeon. My impression is that he is/was exceptional at his trade.

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      That was mine as well. I dont know if hes still there but it does make me sad to watch a man who was top of his field promote the woo

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    Wondering when he sold his soul to profit off peddling bullshit instead of actually saving lives. Where and when does one decide to cross that line.

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    Money, fame, being able to influence people to a high degree are all reasons someone might sacrifice a legitimate (already highly lucrative) career for the bullshit he churns out.

    He is charismatic af and might honestly believe the things he says. There is a diagnosis in the DSM for that. Probably narcissistic personality disorder if I’d have to pick.

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    I tend to watch the people around him more than I watch him. The “reverence” toward his every word is a bit unnerving.

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    Human, I think.

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    Who my mother in law always quotes before telling me some whoo whoo way to cure my cancer.

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    On the grift for sure 🤨

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    Dr Oz almost has Vulcan ears!!!

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    I think he really started out with good intentions,to really help people understand disease and treatment, lifestyle changes,etc. Somehow that morphed into a really bizarre trip into pseudoscience land.

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    But seriously, I think he WAS a physician, and probably always had more distrust about what traditional medicine teaches, you know a healthy kind of distrust initially but became really dopey because of TV and Fame…David Bowie sang about it!! Fame and Money can do silly things to people. I like Dr. Oz because he is Turkish and I love Turkish Coffee (the BEST) and the Language-named my daughter Eleve (pronounced Alev) meaning Brightness, Flame, Light!! He’s cool…maybe he needs to listen to David Bowie and ZDoggMD to stop promoting false crap!!

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      “Ground control to Dr. Oz…you’ve really failed the grrrrraaaade…”

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      And the herbals want to know whose shirt you we-ar, now it’s time to drink the raw water if you dare…🎼

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    The worrying thing is how much he still appears on legit stages and works with real health care orgs.

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    Funny thing with the Dr. Oz show. When I worked in retail our nutrition manager would watch his show to see what he is promoting. Once she found out she would pull the product to an endcap and put as advertised on Dr. Oz. That product would fly off the shelf.

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    While I’m not a fan and I think he does a lot of harm, I think there are other “doctors” and “experts” (some with medical degrees, some without) who are worse, if not as well known – Mercola, Brogan, Foodbabe, et al – and there’s a special place of dishonor for Mr. Wakefield. I agree with a poster above that Oz I think started with good intentions, and not EVERYTHING he says is crap (OK, most of it is, but not all).

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      Yep. The manager at the health food store where my husband was a nutritional consultant in Canada watched Oz to know what they needed to stock up on, knowing they would be swarmed about a half hour after broadcast.

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    A minor lord of the Sith. A Vader wanna-be.

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    Lost. I think he has lost his way and needs to get back in the hospital and off of tv for awhile until he sees what harm he has caused.

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    My head hurts when my patient say Dr. Oz says…

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    Up there with Dr. Phil….
    My senior Dad loves to quote Oz, but cant seem to remember if Mehmet said to avoid acetaminophen or ibuprofen! So, dad will take an aspirin or suffer….98 percent of my family are very liberal muggles.
    Disclaimer: my father is an immigrant from Europe and he avoids doctors like the plague!

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    an elf 🧝‍♂️

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    Well he and a great many people of his ilk are the reason people at my current job give me migraines. I left athletic training due to family needs and I now work in a kitchen and for some reason everyone comes to me to find out what their current ailments are and when I walk them through the likely issues and what they can due to help I get nothing but this psuedoscience thrown at me an how I couldn’t possibly know anything about what I’m telling them. I still love medicine and as a result in still keep up on my professional journals and CEUs, but I need the flexibility to take care of my spouse. I’ve gotten to the point where I smile and say you don’t want to hear what you need to do to rehabilitate your injury that’s fine go pay a PT I am a cook now. Then I get the but you get such great results for your spouse why won’t you help me? I won’t help you because I’ve told and demonstrated what could help, but you just want me to wave my magic wand and make everything better and quite frankly it doesn’t work that way, if you won’t do the work I can’t help you.

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    I swear there are days if I hear “Well Dr Oz said” one more time I may just vomit. He may have been a good doc at one time but now he is just a sell out🤬

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    Looks a bit like Tom Riddle.

    Stepping down from the soap box. ⚡

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    A turd sandwich

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    I think he caters to an Audience of stay at home moms who want a quick solution to weight loss… Instead of actually addressing healthcare issues in an intellectual way. His show is dumbed down to an extreme level. I literally saw him take advice from celebrities on his show who claim they have “found” the key to living a well balanced healthy life.

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    Dr. Leto

    … perfectly named.

    Ah, the great and powerful Oz.

    Muggles generally imagine the Hospital (and the Halls of Medicine in general) as a hierarchy where the magical, all-powerful Doctor has an unlimited trove of perfect cures and solutions to all problems, and dispenses them arbitrarily to those patients who sufficiently bribe, threaten or ingratiate themselves to the Doctor. In this paternalistic fantasy, everything happens when the Doctor waves their magic-wand pen, writing Orders, and then a team of mindlessly subservient minions, all of whom get called Nurse regardless of their actual profession, dispense and deploy the magical cures to those patients who were lucky or crafty enough to win the favor of the Doctor. (Sadly, occasionally some doctors ourselves can fall prey to this hallucination, which then wreaks brutal havoc on whole healthcare teams…)

    And that’s where good ol’ Dr. Oz, ever playing the part of the Wizard, steps in, selling his shiny images and all-natural smiling placebos to reinforce the cognitive biases of his audience, promising them that they don’t really have to take responsibility and that all the cruel injustices of complicated real life can be averted or cured if they just believe it hard enough (and call the number at the bottom of the screen with their credit card in hand).

    See, the American daytime TV viewing audience stills prefer the seductive illusion of smoke and mirrors and green-tinted lucite to the realities of the imperfect, human, mostly-powerless fallabilty of the man behind the curtain.

    Everyone loves the movie for it’s heartwarming innocence and dazzling technicolor. But most people seem to forget the real story: the “cure” that you’re seeking has been in you all along. But the only way you’re going to discover that is at the end of a long and sometimes terrifying journey, full of adventure. And the best way to make that journey is in the company of equally imperfect seekers, accepting and encouraging each other and singing silly songs along the way.

    So let’s douse that b*tch with Science and watch him melt!

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