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    Is there any chance of renewing the discount that expired Dec 31st? I’m relatively new to your content and furiously trying to catch up on everything. As an adopted person without any knowledge of family health or history, I really wanted to take advantage of your offer for healthcare providers to do this and increase our knowledge of it for patients with questions. I am a bedside RN in Reno, and I want to thank you for your content thus far, I share it most shifts with my colleagues as we work to advance the ideals of Health 3.0!

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    My favorite result was that I have 339 Neanderthal variants, more than 99% of all 23 and me users. I blame that for my 5f1in height lol.
    All of it was interesting though, and the traits portion was absolutely accurate. Im 98.8% European and 0.2% african. I Gotta get the hubby to run his now.

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    Does 23 and Me tell you what part(s) of Europe you’re from?

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      Yup, breaks it all down. Even tells you about how many generations ago each one was.

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    If y’all are looking for more coupon codes and you are a healthcare provider, go to 23andme.com/medical and send them a message (tell them you are a member of the ZPac and would like a discount code). Worth a shot!

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    I participated in a Lupus research study with 23 and me. It was free, of course and I still get info sent to me from time to time as they continue to use my DNA. Recently, I learned I have a variant genetically for celiac and also for age related mac degeneration. I love 23 and me! I am wondering though if they share DNA comparisons worldwide across the board with the competing companies such as Ancestry.com? Hmmm…

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    I’ve enrolled in a 12 week weight loss study with 23 and me, it sounds really interesting! Groups will try lowering sugar or lowering fat with exercise included in both groups.

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    Got my 23andMe results and was fascinated with what I found out. I’ve been sharing with my family and several are going to do their own tests.

    The most shocking result was that about 5 generations ago one of my ancestors was from West Africa. I’m currently working on trying to find out more via the Ancestry genealogy project my brother and I have.

    Stepping down from my soap box. ⚡

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    I got my results this week! I wanted to know about my ancestry because my maiden name was one of the most common in the world. I’m very impressed by the reports, very user friendly. I’m recommending this to my family and friends, I even posted my ancestry results on FB

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    Sent an email off to them, will update here with the result of that communication.

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