A Thought Leader (Who’s Still Working on the “Thought” Part)


ZDoggMD (aka Zubin Damania, MD) loves to talk, as his long-suffering wife will attest. He’s spoken at some of the biggest medical shindigs around, and he’s happy to come to your hood to spread the word about making healthcare better.


  • thomasgravesmd

    I am a new kid (73yo) on the blog. You were recommended to a relative new FB friend I met, a twentysomething firemen/first responder cousin of another FB friend both of whom I know only on FB. This young man, only a week or so after I meet him was stricken with what sounded like typical real awful influenza in a never immunized young adult male but which, thanks to a savvy E.R. consult was diagnosed as incipient endocarditis activated by the flu. Amazing that he was diagnosed before sepsis did him in. I will see what you have to say about everything in days to come. I too would like to see American health care and it’s delivery improve. Like all of us old guys I think it was better before it was ‘Managed’ by Insurance Compnay bean counters. However it does need management whose goal favors the patients’ well-being. Just sayin’.