OMG, hit share before you watch this. Dr. Oz calls me to do some mansplaining, and Tom records it just as it STARTS TO GET REAL.



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  • Shelly Zilber


  • Terence J Grant Jr

    now that’s a good April fools it was believable and know one got hurt GOOD ONE Z

    • Brittney Nelson

      I wish you wouldn’t have said anything because you ruined it for me

  • Sally Storey


  • montjan

    lmao omg your an evil little man!!!!

  • Andrea Rambo

    You are an evil man, but I love you anyway. Keep up the fight, Z!

  • Sophia 99

    It’s my birthday today and I usual catch people in the jokes, but you got me good!

  • Karen Leonard

    HolyMotherofGod…. bout spit out all my coffee… good one!

  • Laura A Wieman-Daniel

    You seriously suck!! legal. Nothing but love for you and your mission

  • Andrea J Westerman

    Start calling you Dr. EVIL!!!

  • Shannon Pifher

    Oh. People still watch Dr. Oz? Hasnt he contaradicted everything he has ever said 100 times over by now and he STILL has a show??

  • Dianne Cheatham Duncan

    You got me! ! So gullable!