Power. Politics. Prostates.

Dr. House and Francis Underwood are more alike than you think. Two great tastes that go great together. Think House of Cards meets House of God.

Episode 1 of the ZDoggMD “Original” series.

A teaser of the coming “season”: Our hero chats with an antivax mom, reviews a cryptic radiology report, calls a surgical consult, interviews a medical school applicant, and has a discussion with a hospital executive about his Press Ganey scores.

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  • cmlburnett

    Long time follower of your work, and this is the best yet!

  • JWB

    Did the upside down American flag at the beginning have any meaning in particular?

    • It’s a direct version of the House of Cards intro logo. Although with healthcare as screwed up in this country as it is, I think it may have some unintended significance…

  • joanna.holland

    This is amazing. I’ve just taken on a Medical Education leadership position and must somehow find a way to use this.

    • Use sparingly but devastatingly!

  • DrBill Davis

    Completely and totally awesome.

    • Wait till the rest of the “series”…