Dr. House of Cards, Episode 2

Power. Politics. Polio.

Dr. Underwood returns to clinic to grapple with a mother who’s been taking Jenny McCarthy’s advice on vaccines. You can imagine how that goes down.

Starring Nina Wright from Turntable Health.

“Money is the Mercedes in the MD parking lot, depreciating from the second it’s purchased. Power is a stone hospital wing that stands for centuries.” -Dr. Frank Underwood

Watch Episode #1 (Underwood versus Intern), Episode #3 (Underwood versus Oz), and Episode #4 (Underwood versus a med school applicant) too!


  • Mo Butt

    Brilliantly hilarious

  • That was so good. Completely true – and brilliantly hilarious.

  • Abi

    As someone who has no cousins due to my Uncle contracting Mumps as a teenager I find this hysterically funny. He only caught Mumps as a teenager because he wasn’t around many kids when he was younger as he caught Polio and ended up paralysed in his left arm as a result. So glad my children will never have to deal with diseases like that.

  • Dr Dave

    As always ZDogg does it again. Congrats there mi amigo on another excellent video.

  • Brings a whole new meaning to the term “motivational interviewing.”

  • Great job- sharing 🙂

  • john

    Brilliant blend of teaching and sarcastic humor.

  • Kimberly Menhinick

    Love the truth about Ms. “Dr.” McCarthy who has mislead so many mothers into making such crippling sometimes fatal mistakes.

  • kellymbray

    My brother was born in 1962 with Prader-Willi syndrome. He was severely disabled. Monday through Friday he lived at a special school. I was there a lot and volunteered when I could. I saw first hand kids crippled in ways we do not see today. Brain damage from measles and PKU. Here we are 55 years later and people are declining vaccines, vitamin K, and heel prick tests. \n\nI wish I had a time machine and I could walk them through the halls of the Spastic Children’s Foundation circa 1967. I have never forgotten those poor kids.

  • Christopher Hickie

    “Another graduate of Google University, Magna cum measles”…how unfortunately true.

  • leonard sender

    This is what all physicians should be saying to all the science illiterate vaccination deniers, great work Zubin

  • SandyH

    Years ago before the mumps vaccine, I remember when my older brother ( married at the time) got Mumps from someone. The symptoms also involved i the testicals. Which swelled and caused him excruciating pain. I am told they could also leave you sterile. So many of these illness do not only affect kids but any adult not immune.

  • Michael Shepherd

    I’ve actually had people come to me about vaccine fear at work because I am ‘that science guy’. With most I have been able to bury the fear and explain why vaccination is the logical choice, but there are the tenacious few that stuck to their guns. I can only suppose that natural selection will deal with the situation over time.


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