Downtown Project Las Vegas primary care Video ZDogg

Shooting the Wake Up Documentary!

A Turntable Tale (of Two Documentaries)

A Morgan Spurlock and Michael Shaun Conway double documentary feature…on US!

Morgan Spurlock | ZDoggMD | Zubin Damania | Turntable Health | Inspire Theater

ZDoggMD Chats with Morgan Spurlock

Chatting by a virtual fireside with a virtual hero. Virtually awesome!

Morgan Spurlock | ZDoggMD

Super Size Z

Morgan Spurlock shoots documentary about Downtown Project and Turntable Health!

ZDoggMD and Josh.0

Pawn Shotz!

Why get the flu son? Get your vax on!

Downtown Dogg

Vegas Nerve 2: The Streets

ZDoggMD roams the streets of Downtown Las Vegas without a leash. Hope you brought some of them little blue poopy bags y’all, cause it’s about to get real!

zappos | zdoggmd | tony hsieh

The Vegas Nerve: Episode 1

How can we sleep while our beds are burning? Our first video from Downtown Las Vegas!

ZPupp In Vegas!

Vegas, Baby!

ZDoggMD Industries is moving to Sin City. April Fools! Wait, what? We really are moving?