Doctor Oz Drug Seekers Healthcare Reform Medical Humor Nursing Video



We’re gonna build a 10-foot wall around EHRs…and make Big Pharma pay for it.

ZVlogg 012 | ZDoggMD

ZVlogg #012 | A Thanksgiving Oz-stomy

There’s no bigger Thanksgiving turkey than Dr. Oz.

Ice Cube Challenge |

The Ice Cube Challenge

I couldn’t afford a whole BUCKET of ice, so…

Dr. House of Cards |

Dr. House of Cards, Ep. 3: Oz vs. Underwood

Dr. Oz goes to Washington…and gets a stiff serving of Underwood.

ZDoggMD Disses Oz!

Sucker MDs!

A serious rap feud between ZDoggMD and the biggest quack since Daffy Duck. West SIIIIDE!