Doing medicine these days is hard throughout the Galaxy.

The Evil Empire has crushed healthcare peeps from Coruscant to the Outer Rim. But a band of rag tag rebels fight daily for the health and rights of our most vulnerable galactic denizens, all while wearing a stuffed Chewbacca on their stethoscopes.


Heroes without the white coats because white coats are scary AF, as the kids say.

And speaking of scary, here’s the Dark Lord on the Dark Side of taking care of younglings…



10 Responses to “Doc Vader on Pediatrics”

  1. Barbara loeppke

    What an asshole. Really? That’s what you think of parents and you think it’s funny. Guess what – parents don’t like your egotistical crap.

    • Am

      Lol this was funny go cry in your Cheerios.

    • Samara Wilson

      Parents scare me! And I’m one of them. Lol

    • Brad Wilkens

      @barbara_loeppke:disqus. First i worked in a hospital during college what all nurse and doctors hate are the parents who come in with their Webmd medical degrees and think their kids has 100000 things wrong with them. Treat the doctors/nurse with respect and you will get the same. Doctors get sued over farting.

    • Merits the merry mememaker

      How dare doctors think they know more about medicine than parents! How arrogant of them….oh wait, knowing more about medicine than parents….that’s literally in their job description.

  2. Kim Bazzoon Tucker

    Barbara you try wrangling sick kids with unhappy, Illslept, opinionated, educated by Dr Google parents all day and see how happy you are at the end of a 12 hour shift.

  3. Epador

    C’mon Doc, what’s the difference between a 50 year old kid bringing in their senile parent and Dr Ozing the appointment, versus the 30 year old parent bringing in their 5 year old brat and Dr Ozing you?

    I’ll tell you: the internist gets paid twice as much as the ped for the same torture.

  4. PK

    What an obnoxious a-hole. In a good vs evil narrative, Vader and vaccines are evil.

    • Matthew Farmer

      Man I hope this is sarcasm.

  5. George Toft

    Wow… seems like the galactic interweb is full of people with no sense of humor.