One Response to “Doc Vader on Medical Droids”

  1. Anna

    Could you please address the bunk of essential oils? Ugh!! So tired of their purported ability to cure everything. Yet I have never seen ANY randomized controlled research trials published in peer reviewed journals. What a bunch of snake oil.

    I get they smell good, and that’s fine if that’s all they were marketed for. But the medical claims are pure quackery!! Make the madness stop.

    So I’ve heard they work for fibromyalgia, hard of hearing (dab behind ears), and plantar fasciitis among others. Ha!!

    Also, wondering about the long term health effects of breathing oils into the lungs. Thinking popcorn lung types of issues.

    Also would love to hear you talk about evaluating evidence so everyone can understand the difference of the quality of research and claims. I.e. randomized double-blind controlled studies versus anecdotal evidence. Feel like people put too much belief in my friend got relief . . . As being evidence that something works.

    Jus yesterday my sister-in-law was telling how her co-workers were using essential oils for plantar fasciitis like it really worked. Ugh!!