What if we charted exactly what we were thinking?

Doc Vader does it…so we don’t have to.




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2 Responses to “Doc Vader Luvs Drug Seekers”

  1. Jennifer Hrovat

    I slightly take offense to these statements about “drug seekers.” Some doctors accuse people falsely. My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010, and while in the ER for an exacerbation in 2011, a nurse said he was “exhibiting drug seeking behavior.” OF COURSE HE WAS–HE HAS MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND WAS IN A FULL BLOWN EXACERBATION (one of the MOST PAINFUL conditions known to man)!!! All he wanted was relief from the exacerbation; he was tired of falling, slurring his speech, and most importantly, he wanted his vision to be restored to a clearer picture. And we all know that a 5-day course of Solumedrol doesn’t work instantly to calm down MS and the pain it causes during the exacerbation. Unfortunately, because of this statement in his chart, he has been permanently labeled as a “drug seeker” when he enters an Emergency Room, and he gets no relief from the ER doctors. It is a sad state of affairs when doctors and nurses do this to people who really need the help.

  2. Jennifer Hrovat

    I also failed to mention, although this video may be slightly offensive, Doc Vader cracks me up!!!